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Summer Salt Body – Sleep Essential Oil Roller


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients.
Summer Salt Body embraces ethical practices by creating cruelty-free vegan products. All skincare products are manufactured and made in Melbourne.
All postal bags used by Summer Salt Body are compostable. Packaging is covered in limited plastic and is reusable.
Summer Salt Body donates products and profits to local charities and community benefits that share the same values. The company also sources ingredients that support local and small businesses.

What our experts say...

Having not used a sleep essential oil before, I was really impressed with the calming effect it had when included in my nighttime routine. The scent is soothing and the crystals and gold flecks add some magic to the ritual. I applaud Summer Salt Body’s commitment to locally sourced natural and vegan ingredients.

– Niccii Kugler

It’s a nice little product which reminds me to do some self-care before going to sleep. The aroma is very calming and although I’m not sure of the necessity of the crystals and gold leaf, they do sound quite nice. I like the fact that Summer Salt Body have formed partnerships with local businesses and are supporting local suppliers.

– Ria Andriani

I LOVED that there were amethyst crystals in the roller bottle, such a beautiful and unexpected surprise when I opened up the box. I am a great believer in the power of essential oils and Summer Salt Body – Sleep scent did not disappoint. I only used a small amount on my children’s feet each night and found a little goes a long way. I love that reusable packing is used! Postage and packaging is SO important and often an element that is missed.

– Petria Leggo-Field

Softly sweet, this gorgeous amethyst roller and filled bottle not only looks like it’s from a dreamlike realm but it smells like it too. I love applying this to my temples at night and the way that it is not overwhelming in its strength and is perfectly balanced so I can drift away, trying to pick all the different scents.

– Emily Fletcher

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