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SUNSLAYER – Natural Face & Body Moisturizer Sunscreen Cream SPF50+


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Contains zinc oxide. SPF 50+
Sunslayer sunscreen is produced in Australia by a solar powered factory. The manufacturing process is observed by Founder Jade from arrival of ingredients to packing to ensure; no contamination of ingredients, hygiene standards are met, workers are treated respectfully and no animals are being harmed in the process. Ingredients are also sourced locally where possible.
The sunscreen is a Reef Safe, gentle formula. Tube boxes and mailing boxes are printed locally on FSC certified cardboard boxes using soy based ink. Orders are shipped by a local fulfillment company located very close to key distribution services. Orders are collected in bulk by Australia Post, saving regular trips to the post office. Sunslayer uses Plastic Free shipping. Sunscreens are packaged in cardboard boxes and tube keys are enclosed in a hemp satchel. Mailing boxes are secured with the Aus Post shipping label only, no excess wrapping tape is used. If needed any wrapping tape, satchels or boxes used are compostable. Furthermore the brand uses carbon neutral shipping with Australia Post.
Sunslayer takes part in local markets such as Summerxsalt markets (single use plastic free market), running kid education corners about ways they can protect our oceans. Wooden tube holders are handmade of recycled pine wood by Ellenbrooks Men's shed, a not for profit supporting men in the community. 10% of profits will go towards restoring coral reefs and saving marine life in Australia and beyond. The founder is a regular beach clean up volunteer. Furthermore, podcasts (Mamaearthtalk, Perth Entrepreneurs Podcast) and local events are used to discuss plastic pollution and the importance of businesses creating plastic free alternatives. The brand is reaching out to local councils on ways they can encourage younger generations to attend zero waste courses or workshops such as Earth Carers and Plastic Free living.

What our experts say...


Sunlayer is a rich and luxe sunscreen that goes on easily and feels moisturising to the skin. It isnt greasy and doesn’t leave any white residue. I loved the metal tube and bright presentation. This brand has a great connection to the local community, especially their use of the Men’s shed is fantastic!

–Corrine Sultana


This is a lovely gentle sunscreen that rubs in quickly and doesn’t leave your skin greasy or oily. I like the aluminium tubing, and I love that this product is plastic-free and safe for babies/ toddlers! I really like that this company focuses on the small aspects of sustainability as well as the larger ones. Making sure they do bulk trips to the post office, while also creating a product that is plastic free and safe for the ocean. They also support related charities in a big way, which I respect!

–Lucy Cousins


There are so many reasons to love Sunslayer’s Moisturizer Sunscreen Cream SPF50+! The completely plastic-free packaging (all the way to eliminating the plastic lid) was a big plus for me, as was the founder’s commitment to using reef safe, non-toxic, natural ingredients and manufacturing in a solar powered factory in Australia. But the real win is how beautiful, light, easy to apply and moisturising this sunscreen is. It’s the perfect, light base to apply in the morning under make-up and throughout the day. The non-greasy formula also went down a treat with our kids. Sunslayer has gone to great lengths to consider so many important elements in manufacturing this product. From their ingredients, sustainable packaging, support of local providers and community groups, solar powered factory and the marine aligned charities they donate to – there is a whole lot of heart and soul in every decision they have made!

–Niccii Kugler

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