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Surf & Body – Summer Glow Body Oil


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes sweet almond, MCT and jojoba oils.
Surf and Body products are manufactured in Australia with natural based ingredients that are highly available to avoid endangering resources.
Packaging has been chosen to minimise use of plastic elements using recyclable materials such as glass and recyclable paper for the outer package. This product is shipped in recyclable cardboard boxes or paper mailers and wrapped in kraft honeycomb paper instead of plastic bubble wrap, making all shipping material recyclable. Furthermore compostable mailer bags are also used.
Surf and Body is partnered with the Great Barrier Reef Legacy, a not-for-profit organisation for the conservation of reefs.

What our experts say...


This little pot of liquid gold glides onto my winter-tired skin creating a sunkissed, golden sheen. Like wearing sunshine! The sweet almond oil, MCT and jojoba oils nourish my dry skin. A joy to judge! I love that this brand supports the Great Barrier Reef Legacy.

–Emma Freeman


Presented in a gorgeous clear glass dropper bottle, this unscented, luminous-gold oil is simply magical. Each drop of the almond, coconut and jojoba based blend is bursting with gorgeous golden flecks and leaves the skin nourished and shimmering in shades of summer! I love that this coastal lifestyle inspired brand has partnered with the Great Barrier Reef Legacy, a non-for-profit organisation for the conservation of reefs.

–Dominique Scott


If you want shimmery skin, this lightly-scented body oil is what you need. Easy to apply, it is absorbed quickly, and it leaves a subtle glitter sparkle on your skin. It’s perfect for lazy summer evenings spent outdoors! I like that care has been taken with the packaging and the choice of a glass bottle. I also like that this company is giving back to the coast and oceans, which inspired their products!

–Lucy Cousins

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