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Sustained Fun – EcoSplat Reusable Water Balloons



EcoSplat Reusable Water Balloons are environmentally-friendly alternatives to single-use water balloons, perfect for exciting water fights. With ultimate playability and no harmful waste to clean up, they ensure a fun-filled summer without any pesky litter left on the lawn.

Made from polyester, to ensure longevity and a lack of mold.
Sustained Fun has a publicly available code of ethics covering business conduct, responsible marketing, avoiding debt-to-buy schemes, and minimizing negative impacts on the environment. EcoSplat toys are manufactured in China using a supplier that donates 1% of revenue to UNICEF, does not use child labour, and trains staff in health and safety. The company has a sustainable and ethical procurement policy, screening suppliers for social and environmental impact and compliance with local laws. As a certified B Corp company, they operate at high ethical and environmental standards and provide publicly available impact reporting. The company considers the environment as one of its stakeholders, taking environmental needs into account in business decisions.
EcoSplat Reusable Water Balloons have replaced over 107 million single-use water balloons, reducing waste and carbon emissions. Each EcoSplat can replace over 3000 single-use water balloons and is designed to last an estimated 7 years. The packaging is FSC certified cardboard, fully compostable and recyclable, and fits the product exactly to reduce carbon emissions from freight and storage. EcoSplat measures carbon emissions for transport, shipping, energy use, and data storage and offsets 120% of carbon emissions. The brand uses local suppliers, ships using sea freight, and sources electricity from NZ's only zero carbon electricity supplier, Ecotricity.
EcoSplat publicly shares their policies for supplier diversity, sustainable and ethical procurement, and a code of ethics. EcoSplat supports supplier diversity by actively seeking out businesses owned by Māori, immigrants, and women and giving preference to under-represented populations. They also source 60% of their spend from independent local suppliers, and educate people through various platforms on sustainability issues such as plastic pollution and climate change. Additionally, EcoSplat encourages a more sustainable toy industry through initiatives such as World Sustainable Toy Day and open sourcing all their policies and strategies. They also make donations to environmental education and reforestation projects and volunteer for various organizations.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love that they are washable, dry-able and re-usable! Being able to throw them in the wash when they’re dirty after a big play is a game changer!

This brand has been so thoughtful in every step of their process, it is very clear that sustainability, ethical production and social responsibility are at the forefront of their mission! I particularly love their ethos that the environment is one of their stakeholders and its needs are considered strongly in all business decisions – this is a beautiful way to prioritise and uphold the importance of sustainable production!

–Emma Meyer


The EcoSplat Reusable Water Balloons have come at the perfect time as my son has been requesting a water balloon fight! The kids absolutely loved playing with these and said that they feel like real water balloons when you’re hit with one. They’re also great for general water play as the water can be squeezed out of each balloon. My son was impressed that it was re-usable!

Reusable water balloons are such a fabulous idea to be able to still have fun without the waste! I’m also impressed that the company is a certified B-Corp and by their World Sustainable Toy Day initiative.

–Fiona Morouco


The kids loved this one so much! They easily understood why regular balloons are so terrible for the environment and single use, and how these can be used over and over again!

I’m impressed by everything! The innovative product, the recyclable packaging and all the other steps to ensure they’re a (real) green business – B-Corp certification, packaging, shipping, disclosing everything to the public, the website for educating their audience – well done guys!

–Lee Sutherland

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