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Swiish – GLOW Marine Collagen Powder



GLOW Marine Collagen is a high-quality, unflavoured marine collagen supplement that enhances skin radiance from within. Its daily consumption effectively reduces fine lines, wrinkles and enhances skin strength and hydration. Additionally, it supports gut health, possesses natural anti-inflammatory properties, and ensures optimal absorption with a 95% bioavailability.

Made from excellent clean ingredients. 100% Hydrolysed Marine Collagen Peptides.
Swiish supplements are manufactured in Australia and the brand works with ingredient suppliers and manufacturers who maintain high sourcing and labour standards. For instance, their global marine collagen supplier subscribes to the International Labour Organisation's standards, the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code and SEDEX, and publicly declares that child labour and corruption are unacceptable to the brand's values, a principle that extends to its partners and suppliers.
Swiish has partnered with a collagen supplier committed to sustainability improvements, which include reduced energy input (14.04%), hazardous waste (33.09%), freshwater input (4.93%) and air emissions since 2016. The brand is on a journey to become a more sustainable business by developing and refining approaches to reflect its commitment to environmental, ethical and social issues. The brand works with ethical wholesalers and manufacturers who ensure their supply chain is ethical and committed to a sustainable future. Furthermore the brand uses recyclable materials for its packaging, has moved to digital receipts and digital packing slips, and uses recycled cardboard boxes for product storage.
Swiish has a charitable initiative called WISH BY SWIISH, which aims to support people facing serious health issues. Each month, the initiative gives a $500 (AUD) voucher to a person dealing with these challenges to "send a little love their way", according to co-founder Sally Obermeder. The brand's founders Sally Obermeder and Maha Corbett, who created the brand after Obermeder's own cancer diagnosis, have also pledged their support to breast cancer charities and to Witchery X Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation's White Shirt Campaign.

Product reviews from our experts…


This unflavoured hydrolysed marine collagen dissolves into a glass of water, or, it can be blended into smoothies or juices. A wonderful way to support skin and gut health with 95% bioavailability.

I also appreciate this brand’s commitment to giving back to society through its own mental health initiative.

–Emma Freeman


A simple and highly functional product made up of teeny tiny white granules of easily absorbed hydrolysed collagen. The flavourless powder is so easy to incorporate into your daily routine as it can be added to a hot or cold drink or even sprinkled over food.

I also absolutely love the sister founded brand’s charitable initiative called WISH BY SWIISH. The initiative aims to bring both joy and a generous monetary voucher to individuals affected by serious illness each month.

–Dominique Scott


Pure collagen and neutral taste and made from clean ingredients. I really enjoy collagen powder that just has pure collagen so this one is a win as nothing else added! It is also wonderful that it is manufactured in Australia.

–Fiona Noonan

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