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Swiish – Supergreen Superfood Powder



Supergreen is a scientifically formulated product containing 40+ alkalising ingredients that boost energy, aid digestion and help to promote a healthy gut. Packed with essential nutrients, it includes a blend of vegetables, fruits, probiotics, adaptogens and superfoods. Its all-in-one formula supports gut health, reduces inflammation and helps curb sugar cravings.

Made from excellent ingredients including Certified organic wheat grass, alfalfa, spirulina, kale and acai.
All Swiish products are made in Australia using high-quality ingredients sourced from suppliers and manufacturers who meet the highest standards. Their supply partners follow GMP to ensure the highest quality of therapeutic goods produced by Swiish
Swiish focuses on helping women feel great both inside and out, while also aiming to have a positive social and environmental impact. The brand is committed to sustainability and ethical practices, including working with ethical wholesalers and manufacturers who prioritise sustainability, using eco-friendly and recyclable packaging materials, implementing digital receipts and using recycled cardboard boxes for product storage. Swiish is dedicated to ongoing development and refinement of its approach to reflect its commitment to the planet and the community.
Swiish was founded by sisters Sally Obermeder and Maha Corbett, with a charitable arm called WISH BY SWIISH, designed to bring a little joy to those battling serious illnesses. Every month, a $500 Swiish gift voucher is awarded to someone, offering a gesture of kindness and support. The brand also backs breast cancer charities, including the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation White Shirt Campaign.

Product reviews from our experts…


I really enjoyed this nutritionally dense, easy to consume superfood powder. A wonderful addition to smoothies but also unexpectedly delightful just with water. It blended seamlessly into water without chunks or residue and I especially enjoyed the subtle and pleasant lemon/citrus taste. A little bag that packs a real punch with 40+ nourishing ingredients of great quality. I would purchase this product again.

I also appreciate that the company has sourced top quality ingredients from ethical wholesalers and manufacturers who prioritise sustainability. I value the gift voucher program SWIISH currently offers, it is a generous offer to the recipients of the voucher.

–Zenaya Sol


This super-duper supergreens powder is jam packed with alkaline rich foods designed to provide energy and support gut health. The fine, grassy lemon flavoured blend can be added to a glass of cold water anytime of the day and certainly wouldn’t go astray in a fruit smoothie.

I also absolutely love the sister founded brand’s charitable initiative called WISH BY SWIISH. The initiative aims to bring both joy and a generous monetary voucher to individuals affected by serious illness each month.

–Dominique Scott


I like the packaging and I like the icons to show it’s gluten free, dairy free and a natural product.
The product being Australian made, organic and non GMO is for me most ethical.

–Lucia Rivas-Herry

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