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Synthesis Organics – Breath of Australia Synergy Essential Oil


Formulated from excellent, organic or wildcrafted essential oils including lemon myrtle, rosalina and sandalwood.
Synthesis Organics uses 100% natural, ethical ingredients expertly formulated in their Certified Organic, Australian based lab. The brand is ACO and Made Safe certified and guarantees all their ingredients are toxin free, vegan and cruelty free and harmonised on all levels with their proprietary Energy Imbued® process.
Synthesis Organics are environmentally friendly every step of the way from the sourcing of only sustainable, organic ingredients to closing the loop on waste with pre-recycled, biodegradable and recyclable packaging and shipping materials. The brand’s organic manufacturing uses 100% renewable energy and is created in small batches. They use biophotonic glass for their essential oils, pre-recycled glass and PCR airless pumps for their skincare and stone labels made from 100% post consumer recycled marble. The brand is working to offset all emissions with Greenfleet to go beyond negating our carbon footprint and be carbon positive. Furthermore they have closed loop packaging principles and offer a refill option. Synthesis Organics is currently working with suppliers to create pumps, sprays and caps from ocean waste plastics, bio-resins and even hemp.
Synthesis Organics has always supported their community through charity alignments, sponsorships, donations, education and collaborations such as the Jane Goodall Foundation, Rainforest Rescue (planting and protecting trees in endangered rainforests), Miriam Rose Foundation (empowering indigenous youth in the Northern Territory), Sentient World Entertainment (giving a voice to animal rights), Friends with Dignity (supporting victims of domestic violence) and the Property Foundation (supporting youth at risk). For the last 3 years founder Theme Rains has served as the Australian Ambassador for UN Women’s Entrepreneurship Day with a global mission of alleviating poverty through empowering women in business and lifting 250 million girls above the poverty line. Her specific focus is the empowerment of women to lead sustainable business, for the good of all.

What our experts say...


The Breath of Australia blend is Australia in a bottle! All of the ingredients are native Australian flora and blend harmoniously together. Diffusing this wonderfully creative mix reminds you of visiting the bush and creates a relaxing, natural atmosphere. I really like the brand’s seed to synergy approach and the strong support of Australian ingredients. There is also a focus on integrity, supporting women and ethical business which is wonderful!

–Corrine Sultana


I love the subtle, yet powerfully refreshing scent of this product. The top note of lemon myrtle does infuse into the room very nicely, but without overwhelming the sense of smell. I love how transparency is in most of the business’s practice from sourcing to outreach works, Synthesis ticks most of my boxes for ideal consumer products!

–Ria Andriani


This bioenergetic essential oil blend truly encapsulates the Australian outdoors, with notes of lemon myrtle and eucalyptus blue shining through! A standout feature of the product is that it comes with a code you scan to gain comprehensive information on, and full traceability for, each ingredient used. I love that Synthesis Organics strives to uphold ecological, social, ethical and energetic integrity at every stage of their operations. This brand shows unwavering commitment to people and the planet.

–Dominique Scott

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