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Synthesis Organics – Mother Earth Roll On


Silver & Editor's Choice
Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. 100% ACO Certified Organic. Includes rose otto, Australian sandalwood and neroli essential oils in a coconut oil base.
Synthesis Organics uses 100% natural, ethical ingredients expertly formulated in their Certified Organic, Australian based lab. The brand is ACO and Made Safe certified and guarantees all their ingredients are toxin free, vegan and cruelty free and harmonised on all levels with their proprietary Energy Imbued® process.
Synthesis Organics are environmentally friendly every step of the way from the sourcing of only sustainable, organic ingredients to closing the loop on waste with pre-recycled, biodegradable and recyclable packaging and shipping materials. The brand’s organic manufacturing uses 100% renewable energy and is created in small batches. They use biophotonic glass for their essential oils, pre-recycled glass and PCR airless pumps for their skincare and stone labels made from 100% post consumer recycled marble.
Synthesis Organics has always supported their community through charity alignments, sponsorships, donations, education and collaborations such as the Jane Goodall Foundation, Rainforest Rescue (planting and protecting trees in endangered rainforests), Miriam Rose Foundation (empowering indigenous youth in the Northern Territory), Sentient World Entertainment (giving a voice to animal rights), Friends with Dignity (supporting victims of domestic violence) and the Property Foundation (supporting youth at risk). For the last 3 years founder Theme Rains has served as the Australian Ambassador for UN Women’s Entrepreneurship Day with a global mission of alleviating poverty through empowering women in business and lifting 250 million girls above the poverty line. Her specific focus is the empowerment of women to lead sustainable business, for the good of all.

What our experts say...

I really love the blend, the scent is really beautiful. I love the minimal packaging and the cute little roller is perfect for my bag. Where I rolled the oil, my skin had a warming sensation – but no rash or pain. I really love that the products are made in small batches, I feel that is a great way for quality control. I also love that their products are all Australian Organic certified.

–Samantha Gilmore

This has probably been my favourite product to receive and trial. As I am breastfeeding, I don’t like to wear strong perfumes. This oil roller has a subtle and calming fragrance that makes me feel refreshed and put together. The oil combinations and the roller itself are very grounding and calming. I love that so much of the company is Australia-based and their dedication to various foundations. I feel really reassured that these oils are of high quality and safe for me to wear around my new baby.

–Shannon Rafaelli

This is a brilliantly unique product – a specific scent designed to relax, balance and uplift expecting mothers – applied to pulse points. The notion of a “healing perfume” was a real delight to experience and the scent itself is just as advertised – equal parts calming and warm. Perfect for toting to the hospital for the delivery – what a joy. So considered and clever, particularly given the scale of the business. The passion for an authentic social responsibility is abundantly clear and the diverse collection of philanthropic contributions and considerations is impressive to see.

– Amy Starr

Pregnancies are a time when we have to let go and trust in the universe and our bodies to create a healthy baby, which definitely isn’t always easy. I would have loved to use this beautiful perfume in my pregnancies to bring me back to my breath and the present in such a calming, uplifting and mindful way. Highly recommended.

–Emily Fletcher

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