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Synthesis Organics – Replenish Elixir


GOLD + Editor’s Choice

This collagen-enriched product contains 20 powerful bioactives and precious oils that restore balance and hydration to the skin. It improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and firms the skin, leaving a soft and youthful radiance.

Formulated with excellent clean, organic ingredients, including organic frankincense, rosehip, rose otto and neroli oils. 96.47% organic.
Byron Bay-based Synthesis Organics makes everything in-house within its Organic Lab and sources ingredients locally and ethically from certified organic farms or through wildcrafting in Australia. The brand makes its sourcing practices transparent through QR codes and its organic management plan traces every ingredient to ensure the integrity of the origins. Packaging is made locally or sourced from overseas, but only after thorough research and investigation into environmental sustainability and ethical working conditions. In addition to physical practices, the brand also emphasizes energetic integrity, with a pre-work meditation and a focus on caring for employees and customers. The brand's process is named Seed to Synergy Integrity, aiming for ecological, social, ethical, and energetic integrity at every stage of the production process.
Synthesis Organics holds several certifications, including Australian Certified Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Certified Non-Toxic. Their products are handmade in small batches and sustainably crafted, using 100% biodegradable, reef safe formulas and sourced from ideal terroir for therapeutic qualities. The brand also follows Fair Trade principles when sourcing from local and Indigenous communities. They are committed to minimizing their carbon footprint and are Carbon Neutral to Carbon Positive, offsetting all emissions with Greenfleet and adopting closed loop packaging principles. Synthesis Organics is also working to create pumps, sprays, and caps from ocean waste plastics, bio-resins, and even hemp.
Synthesis Organics donates a percentage of profits back to charities that align with its values of sustainability and ethics and supports local communities in times of need, such as providing aid during floods. Founder Theme Rains is also an ambassador for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and is focused on empowering women to lead sustainable businesses and alleviate poverty. The brand is currently building an eco-HQ with the aim of providing 23 new jobs over the next two years. Furthermore the brand financially supports various organizations, including Bush Heritage Australia, Rainforest Rescue, and Women’s Entrepreneurship Organization.

Product reviews from our experts…


The sophisticated white packaging makes an inviting first impression. The powerful combination of bioactives, velvety texture and ingredients such as rose, neroli and frankincense work together to create a beautiful product that has a day spa feel to it.

Organic and beautiful key ingredients, numerous official certifications, genuine care for employees and conscious operational practices, as well as supporting a variety of organisations and causes. This is a very conscious and caring brand!

–Neha Hobson


This amber gold nectar is instantly absorbed by the skin instead of sitting on the surface like some face oils do. It was a life-saver when my skin had an adverse reaction to another product, restoring balance almost instantly. It’s wonderful that it’s specifically formulated to support collagen production, making it an excellent choice for those in their 30s and beyond. Because this product is formulated using rosehip oil, which works like a barrier for the skin, I find it works best layered over toner, moisturiser, serums etc.

I also love that Synthesis Organics holds social responsibility at its core – going above and beyond to source ethically, produce sustainably and give back to society in numerous ways.

–Emma Freeman


This product was a fast fave, where science and nature combines to make the most gorgeous light, heavenly scented oil. It arrived in 100% plastic free packaging (big tick) and when researching the company and their practices from everything being made in-house, to their ingredients, certification and charitable donations I am now a converted fan. This is one for people who are concerned that oils are going to feel heavy on their skin, the ingredient combo just absorbs straight in.

I’m impressed that they’ve considered each and every touch point that the brand makes – from the ingredients ethically sourced, using materials and packaging from post-consumer recycled resources, how the product is shipped to customers to providing a solution for hard-to-recycle beauty product packaging with TerraCycle®️ Zero Waste Box™️. As well as holding several certifications, their products are handmade in small batches and sustainably crafted, using 100% biodegradable, reef safe formulas and sourced from ideal terroir for therapeutic qualities.

–Lee Sutherland

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