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Synthesis Organics – Soothe Cream


GOLD + Editor’s Choice

This moisturiser contains rich emollients and botanical extracts to nurture, protect and calm sensitive and dry skin. It effectively soothes stress and redness while providing deep hydration and preventing environmental dehydration. Skin feels soft and youthful after use.

Formulated with excellent clean, mostly Certified organic ingredients, including organic calendula, shea butter, ylang ylang and Rosehip oils. 95.41% Certified organic ingredients.
Byron Bay-based skincare company Synthesis Organics makes everything in-house in its Organic Lab and sources ingredients locally and ethically from certified organic farms or through wildcrafting in Australia. The brand makes its sourcing practices transparent through QR codes, and its organic management plan traces every ingredient to ensure the integrity of their origins. Packaging is made locally or sourced from overseas, but only after thorough research and investigation into environmental sustainability and ethical working conditions. In addition to physical practices, the brand also emphasizes energetic integrity, with a pre-work meditation and a focus on caring for employees and customers. The brand's process is named Seed to Synergy Integrity, aiming for ecological, social, ethical, and energetic integrity at every stage of the production process.
Synthesis Organics has a strong focus on sustainability, with all products made using Fair Trade principles when sourcing from local and Indigenous communities and 100% renewable energy being used in their organic lab. The brand also employs closed loop packaging principles and has a refill option, with packaging materials being biodegradable and recyclable. All their products are vegan, cruelty-free, certified non-toxic, handmade in small batches, and sustainably crafted. Additionally, they are planting biodiverse native trees, offsetting carbon emissions and developing pumps, sprays and caps from sustainable sources.
Synthesis Organics aim’s to create products that are certified organic, cruelty-free, vegan and sustainable, while also using only environmentally friendly materials. They donate a percentage of their profits to charities that align with their values of sustainability and ethics, such as Bush Heritage Australia, Jane Goodall Foundation and Women’s Entrepreneurship Organisation. They have also supported local flood relief efforts and are building an eco-HQ to provide new jobs in an organic environment. Their founder, Theme Rains, volunteers as an Australian Ambassador for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and recently formulated a bioenergetic aromatherapy product to help with trauma relief following floods.

Product reviews from our experts…


Synthesis Organic’s shea butter, avocado and rosehip oil based cream glides effortlessly across the skin, soothing both the physical and mental self with scents of lavender and sandalwood coming through. This nourishing moisturiser has quickly become a key element of my morning routine!

I am impressed by every aspect of Synthesis Organics. They are an outstanding example of a clean and conscious brand that is committed to people and the planet, with absolutely no compromise on the quality or effectiveness of their products.

–Dominique Scott


I loved the high amount of organic ingredients used and the simplistic packaging. I was also very impressed to learn that Synthesis Organics has their very own Organic Lab where they make their products in house!

–Candice Needham


We liked the consistency, ingredients, feel, packaging and product description on the bottle. It is clear what you’re using. We were also impressed by the brand’s transparency and company ethos.

–Kirstie + Sarah

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