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Tailor Skincare – Gold Dust


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes Ascorbic acid and Coenzyme Q10.
Tailor Skincare has been proudly cruelty-free for over 10 years. The brand sources high quality, natural ingredients from suppliers they know and trust. This includes locally sourced natives kanuka essential oil and kowhai extract, and certified organic coconut oil made from renewable fair trade sources in Indonesia.
Tailor skin care is formulated and manufactured locally in Christchurch, New Zealand. Cardboard packaging is FSC certified from responsibly managed forests. Furthermore the boxes used are produced in Wellington, New Zealand. Product boxes are printed with vegetable inks, making them compostable and recyclable. In 2019 Tailor Skincare was the first New Zealand brand to create Compostable Refills. Tailor is recognised for its Blue glass bottles + Jars, which can be infinitely recycled and are refillable. For postage compostable trackpacks are used along with sustainable postal carriers.
In 2020 Tailor Skincare supplied a $2,000 grant to The Good Fund New Zealand, via their Tailor Changemaker campaign. In 2021 the brand supplied a $5,000 product donation to Endometriosis New Zealand, via their Face of Tailor campaign. Furthermore the brand loves to partner and donate products to charitable events that align with their values

What our experts say...


I adored the uniqueness of this formulation. Engaging the consumer in the process of the product’s usage (mixing it with another product) made it really memorable. I found its glow-making properties really effective too! The brand’s mission for transparency is admirable, as is the passion for innovating (and ensuring sustainable practices are actually more sustainable). I respect the thought and care clearly taken for this brand.

–Amy Starr


I love the concept of the dust and can understand why so many others do too! It is great to see a product with so few ingredients! It is great to see a brand giving back to not only the environment but also to people.

–Lottie Dalziel


I like the versatility of this product being that it can be mixed with various other oils and lotions you already have. It lasts a really long time as it’s a concentrated powder and you’re only using a small amount. The fact that it’s a vitamin c in a powder form also means the product has a longer shelf life and stability factor. I love that the brand uses refills and takes great care in the detail within their packaging to ensure it is environmentally friendly.

–Erin Norden

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