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tea by Fressko – CALM


Made from excellent, Certified organic ingredients including ginger root and orange segments.
Tea by Fressko uses only certified herbs and fruits from Australia Organic Certified suppliers. The brand utilises a mixture of local and imported goods, carefully hand blended in an organic environment in their factory in Northern NSW. No herbs used in the teas are sprayed with sulphites.
Tea by Fressko, contains 100% organic ingredients and is packed in recyclable card boxes and stored within home compostable film bags, made in Australia from renewable cellulose fibre. They are certified home compostable by Australian Standards AS 5810. The brand is working towards becoming a carbon neutral business but already offset where they can.
Fressko regularly supports local charities and donates to causes that call for their attention. Fressko are ongoing partners of The National Breast Cancer Foundation and are the 2022 Official Sustainability Partners of Australian Fashion Week and MICE ( melbourne international coffee exhibition).

What our experts say...


I love the subtle orange tang of this tea alongside the sweet tasting notes of chamomile and lemon balm. Be careful not to overbrew or the mint will take over! A refreshing yet calming brew. I love that all ingredients are certified organic, that packaging is home compostable and that efforts are being made to be carbon neutral and give back to local communities and charities.

–Emma Freeman


This is a wonderfully balanced, naturopathically formulated, loose leaf tea. The inclusion of dried orange pieces and chamomile flowers is utterly delightful, in both the visual appeal they create and the slightly sweet, floral notes they provide. These flavours are therapeutically complimented by the spearmint, peppermint, lemon balm and ginger root. Made by Fressko demonstrate their environmental consideration through the use of 100% organic ingredients and compostable or recycled product packaging. The brand is also working towards becoming carbon neutral, which is a fantastic goal to have.

–Dominique Scott


The packaging is so outstanding- the colours and textures are wonderful. I immediately loved the selection of ingredients and could enjoy how lovely and fresh this tea would be even before tasting it. Love the mission of becoming carbon neutral, using organic herbs and recyclable packaging.

–Jade Woodd

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