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Teaesk – YinYang


Made from organic ingredients including organic lemongrass, ginger and dandelion root.
All teaesk’s blends are manufactured in Australia, as well as hand-blended and packed by the Founder Melissa. The brand purchases certified organic ingredients and when sourcing from farmers, they ensure they are working under good conditions and are paid fairly.
Teaesk supports farmers using sustainable farming practices and purchases most of their single estate teas directly from the tea farms to ensure the money is going straight to the workers. The brand offers products that come in reusable pouches and compostable mailing bags and will soon be offering reusable jars for customers to purchase, with all refills coming in biodegradable packaging. Teaesk also encourages customers (with a product note) to use their single estate tea as a fertiliser for their garden after use.
Teaesk supports two women's groups in India. Through one of the brand’s tea farms, they purchase handmade organic cotton tea bags from a women's help group, which provides these women with an income and the opportunity to learn new skills. The brand also supports a women's group called Saheli Women, which is a nonprofit in northern India that helps develop rural communities by empowering women through education and access to health clinics. This group of women makes all of Teaesk’s cotton bags.

What our experts say...

I loved the colour and fruity and floral flavours, and found it very relaxing to drink. I also love their mission so much – supporting single origin tea where they are making sure of their responsibility to workers and empowering women in the workforce. Such a beautiful company to learn about.

– Jade Woodd

Refreshingly tangy and gorgeously rose coloured, this looks beautiful in my tea flask on my desk. I really value that all the ingredients are organic and love that this tea doesn’t just look pretty, but provides a boost of antioxidants including vitamin C and anthocyanins. I really enjoy this as an afternoon pick me up.

– Emily Fletcher

I love that this tea contains the detoxifying ingredient dandelion root as well as digestion aids ginger and licorice root. For a sweet boost of vitamin C, it also contains rosehip and hibiscus. Lots of goodness here! The ingredients are perfectly balanced, and it tastes divine! Love that the tea is locally blended and that the brand goes to such huge efforts to source organic ingredients directly from the farmers and support their local communities while doing so.

– Emma Freeman

This rainbow coloured, organic loose leaf blend is beautifully balanced with scentful infusions of lemongrass, ginger and licorice root. The pink hibiscus shaded tea is blissful to drink and provides health benefits from the superb selection of ingredients including dandelion root, rose hips and calendula petals.

– Dominique Scott

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