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Terra Tonics – Elemental Cleanser


Gold + Editor's Choice
Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes white kaolin clay and organic aloe, purple corn, cinnamon and vanilla powders.
All ingredients sourced for Terra Tonics products are organic or wildcrafted. Their products are manufactured and packed in Australia, and are proudly 100% vegan and cruelty-free.
Mineral and botanical ingredients are used in Terra Tonics products over fillers, chemicals, fragrances or even water. All outer packaging is FSC Certified and recyclable, and 100% home compostable outer packaging grown from mycelium, hemp and local waste has also been introduced. Cleanser samples come in oxo-degradable bags and compostable mailer bags are used for all orders, which are sent via carbon-neutral delivery service Sendle.
Terra Tonics work with Australian companies to support local businesses and their development of sustainable practices. Terra Tonics also supports the Bob Brown Foundation with fundraising activity and 10% of profit donations.

What our experts say...

I have thoroughly enjoyed using this unique cleanser. It has an outstanding formula with ingredients that help skin look fresh and luminous. I also love the use of Miron glass to preserve the natural botanicals and cleanser. I admire the brand’s approach to skincare and natural plant-based ingredients.

– Shahrzad Kahrobai

It’s different, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. My skin actually really enjoyed this cleanser and looked and felt super clean and bright after use. It’s calming but also great for oily skin. This brand is SPECIAL! Working towards being carbon positive is really incredible and I also really love the glass packaging. Not only is it recyclable, but you can repurpose it!

–Madeleine Edwards

I’ve grown to really enjoy the slowed down mindfulness that comes with using this gorgeous creamy clay cleanser. There’s something so earthy about doing the combining yourself and with the detoxification the clay provides as well as a light exfoliation, my skin is so incredibly soft and smooth after. I love that it I can leave it on for differing amounts of time for a deeper cleanse and appreciate that this is a water-free formulation, allowing it to be preservative-free whilst also having great longevity.

–Emily Fletcher

A divine act of self care: from the beautiful glass bottle, to the stainless steel spoon, to the ritual of adding the waterless cleanser to water by gently rubbing your palms together. This product feels amazing between the fingertips and feels even better when applied to the face. I have been leaving it on for several minutes in the evenings, allowing the beautiful active ingredients to penetrate and nourish my skin, before removing with more water and gently patting dry. Skin feels soft, clean and literally glows after use. I love that this beautiful product is waterless as well as everything else this brand does to be truly conscious.

–Emma Freeman

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