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Thalia Skin – The Cleansing Truth


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, Certified organic ingredients. Includes organic argan, tamanu, rose geranium and neroli oils.
Thalia Skin is a water-free, 100% plant-based skincare company based in Melbourne, Australia. Everything is prepared in micro-batches and only wildcrafted and organic ingredients sourced globally from trusted and accredited suppliers are used in their formulations.
As a plastic-free business, all Thalia Skin products are encased in Miron glass and packaging is made from recycled paper stock. The paper’s carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions are calculated, reduced where possible and offset through credits. Thalia Skin also supports responsible forestry techniques and plant a tree with every purchase from One Tree Planted.
Thalia Skin proudly supports the Sacred Heart Mission in St Kilda and donates gifts and pop-up shop profits to their annual fundraising and gala events.

What our experts say...

The Thalia Skin The Cleansing Truth was a very effective and lovely feelng product to use. It did a great job of removing my days sunscreen, makeup and even on no-makeup days it left my skin feeling clean and soft. I also love that the brand creates their products in small batches with high quality ingredients and their formulas are water-free.
It’s clear reading through Thalia Skin’s social responsibility statement that this is a brand committed to not only creating effective products with beautiufl ingredients but also a brand that is committed to doing so in a very ethical manner. Their cradle to customer process shows they’ve really thought through each aspect of their brand.

–Ash Quinn

The botanical, herbaceous scent of this oil is a pure delight. It’s complex and beautiful and makes for a really lovely sensory experience. I found myself routinely wanting to leave it on the skin as a serum of sorts, such is the richness and nourishing effect on the skin barrier.

I love the simplicity of the One Tree Planted concept – the message is really accessible to the consumer. This is clearly a well-considered brand that takes a variety of elements into account in their creations and a holistic approach, which is really wonderful to see.

– Amy Starr


This was a favourite, the texture is beautiful and the aroma is incredible – it encouraged me to spend more time massaging. Love that they use glass and the thoughtfulness behind their paper stock.

Carla-King Turner

This delightfully unique, vibrantly green oil does wonders for my skin. Not only does it melt away any makeup in one wipe, but it also leaves my skin softer than I ever thought possible. Richly moisturising and yet with ingredients to balance problematic skin, this truly hits the perfect balance. Highly recommended.

–Emily Fletcher



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