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The 1 4 Men – Not Just A Shave Cream


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic ingredients. Includes Australian native actives of Quandong, Gotu Kola and Kangaroo Paw as well as organic aloe vera and shea butter.
Rinascentia is an animal cruelty-free brand that sources Australian-made organic ingredients and uses Fair Trade Baraka Shea Butter. Products are designed and manufactured locally and are plastic bead-free. Furthermore they grow some of their fruits, vegetables and herbs that are used in their products. Products are created and manufactured by Rinascentia in Sydney, Australia.
Pesticide-free ingredients are chosen for Rinascentia products, which are housed in glass jars and bottles to avoid the use of plastic and encourage customer refills. Compostable mailers are also used for deliveries. Furthermore products are designed to be multi-functional.
Rinascentia proudly supports the Australian Marine Conservation Society, as well as the Starlight Children’s Foundation and Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

What our experts say...


The ease of use is fantastic, one product that works well to shave/aftershave and moisturise. It feels and smells great and the jar is recyclable, easy to use and easy to pop in the cupboard – which sounds strange, but some creams come in tubes that constantly fall over! The lack of plastics, recyclable packaging and growing some of their own ingredients, is a really wonderful way to hand craft an Australian product! I like it a lot!

–Josh Reid Jones


Loved the texture, fragrance and the fact my skin didn’t react at all. I love that the product is packaged in glass and that the brand gives back to the children and the people in other nations.

–Rhys Ripper


This product encapsulates all the necessary skincare requirements of a man who shaves. One multipurpose, solid black jar containing a 3-in-1 pre-shave, shave-cream and after-shave. The cream is nourishing and silky smooth, allowing for a wonderfully clean shave. The thoughtful addition of ingredients such as quandong, gotu kola and kangaroo paw help support skin health by encouraging cell repair and reducing inflammation and irritation. I love that this brand is passionate about supporting the Australian Marine Conservation Society and actively avoids ingredients that are toxic to our oceans and sea life.

–Dominique Scott

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