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The Australian Natural Soap Company – Beard Shampoo


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes lemongrass, sweet orange and geranium essential oils.
ANSC are certified cruelty free and have strict policies to ensure none of their ingredients used are ever tested on animals. The brand is a female led business, manufacturing their vegan products themselves in Melbourne, Australia. ANSC uses steam distilled, pure essential oils in their products, which are 100% palm oil free and contain no microplastics.
All ANSC’s ingredients are biodegradable and all their packaging is glass or recyclable, with goals to have compostable packaging in the near future. The brand sends all their online and wholesale orders from their warehouse in plastic free packaging and have an in house Terracycling program to ensure they recycle what they can, including their nitrile gloves. The natural soaps use approximately 30% less water compared to commonly used soaps that many people use and their handcrafted manufacturing process is less energy-intensive than most manufacturers. The ANSC estimates their products have saved more than 1.3 million plastic bottles from going to landfill.
The ANSC donates 3% of every online sale to the Australian Orangutan Project helping to develop conservation plans for orangutans and influencing positive change for orangutan protection and survival. The brand supports the health and well-being of vulnerable and disadvantaged communities by donating products to ensure they have access to appropriate personal hygiene and cleaning products.

What our experts say...


The bar form of this product means less plastic in the shower, it’s easy to get a lather on and super easy to use. It smells great, and although I haven’t used soap bars for years, this one actually left my beard feeling and smelling great! I am also really happy to see more products without microplastics in them, wherever I have a choice I avoid products tested on animals as well, so it’s nice to see this brand puts time and effort into these important considerations!

–Josh Reid Jones


Minimal fragrance and great for sensitive skin. I had never used a bar and found this format extremely easy. This product aligns heavily with my ethos of giving back to the community especially with vulnerable communities and the fact that First Nations artist Daphne Marks receives 15% from every sale of product that features her art. I myself have worked with this community.

–Rhys Ripper


This lemon, orange and geranium infused beard bar gives off an uplifting citrus fragrance while it cleanses, softens and nourishes facial hair. I particularly love the addition of sweet almond oil, which supports a healthy beard by hydrating, repairing, conditioning and adding a desirable shine to the hair. It is fantastic that the Australian Natural Soap Company is against animal cruelty, carefully sources their ingredients and uses recyclable product packing! They also have an outstanding sustainability goal of being 100% waste-free by 2025! Bravo!

–Dominique Scott

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