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The Australian Natural Soap Company – Original Solid Shampoo


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients.
ANSC are certified cruelty free and have strict policies to ensure none of their ingredients used are ever tested on animals. The brand is a female led business, manufacturing their products themselves in Melbourne, Australia. ANSC uses steam distilled, pure essential oils.
All ANSC’s ingredients are biodegradable, certified palm oil free and all their soap packaging is compostable or recyclable. The brand sends all their online and wholesale orders from their warehouse in plastic free packaging and have an in house Terracycling program to ensure they recycle what they can, including their nitrile gloves. To date, the brand estimates their products have saved more than 1.3 million plastic bottles from going to landfill.
ANSC donates 3% of all their online sales to the Orangutan Project, raising more than $34,000 for this incredible organisation since 2015. In the past year alone, this has helped rescue almost 49 displaced or illegally held orangutans as well as provide more than 200 young orangutans with care, rehabilitation and jungle school - among many other things. The brand also regularly donates their offcuts of soaps to charities in Victoria.

What our experts say...

Rich in plant oils, this beautiful shampoo does wonders for my daughter’s long, thick curly hair. Whilst I still need to add a conditioner for her, I can really see the difference in her hair having swapped to such a nourishing shampoo. I love that this is a zero waste product and that it lasts so long.

–Emily Fletcher

This shampoo bar lathers up beautifully between my palms. As someone with long, dry, dehydrated hair in desperate need of a haircut, it is wonderfully nourishing and hydrating. I really appreciate the efforts made by this brand to be both ethical and sustainable, and I especially love that they have raised nearly $35,000 for the Orangutan Project.

–Emma Freeman

This shampoo was easy to use and great to see there is zero waste or impact to the environment. As a cruelty-free blogger it makes me so happy to see them giving back to the Orangutan Project – such a great charity and initiative.

– Marisa Robinson

This shampoo had nice lather and made my hair feel clean. ANSC’s social responsibility statement is in line with my values completely!

–Paloma Garcia

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