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The Blended Beauty – Balmy Knight


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes pomegranate and sea buckthorn extracts, marula and meadowfoam oils.
Made in Australia, The Blended Beauty have made it their mission to source ethically produced ingredients from small and responsible manufacturers and suppliers. Their skincare is Safe Cosmetics Australia Certified and Cruelty-Free, and products contain raw, unrefined ingredients and are scientifically and transparently labelled.
Packaging is in recyclable glass and aluminium to reduce the environmental impact.
The Blended Beauty are committed to giving back, through programs that support and empower women such as Enlighten Co.⁠ ⁠The company also support the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, a not-for-profit organisation that advocate for the care and conservation of wild koalas.

What our experts say...

As a dehydrated/dry skin type, I love balm products. I also feel like a balm encourages the user to really massage and work the product into the skin which can help with efficacy. I like that this brand’s ethos has a holistic approach to sustainability and the responsible production for products on a human level as well.

–Ash Quinn

I adore the texture of this beautiful formulation. It melts into skin in the most luxurious way and sensorially performs like a really premium product. I found it more-ish and kept returning to it time and time again. The positive effect on skin was immediate. There’s lots to love here. From local manufacture and ethical sourcing to direct support for various charities, the brand’s social responsibility is well-rounded and clever.

–Amy Starr

I adore the scent of this beautiful balm and am fascinated by its star ingredient, algae-based Algica. I’m also a big fan of the description “well ageing balm” – such a refreshing alternative to “anti ageing”! This balm rubs into the skin beautifully, and upon waking, my dry skin feels incredibly soft and nourished. Will definitely be using this ongoing! This heartfelt brand is very invested in producing ethical, sustainable products at the same time as giving back to society.

–Emma Freeman

Despite being intensely rich and protective, this nourishing balm melts into the skin and rubs in well. Boasting an incredible blend of potent bioactives, this is a gorgeous choice for mature skin. I love that The Blended Beauty create products in small batches too.

–Emily Fletcher

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