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The bod society – Classic Pit Balm



These 100% natural deodorants are bicarb-free, vegan friendly and cruelty-free certified. Packaged in biodegradable cardboard with a bamboo applicator, they offer a soft buttery texture.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients including shea butter and peppermint and clary sage essential oils
The Bod Society is an Australian brand that prides itself on its ethical practices. They are certified vegan friendly and cruelty free and their products use clean and natural ingredients that are locally sourced.
The Bod Society is an Australian-made brand with a focus on sustainability. Their products are certified vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, with clean and natural ingredients that are locally sourced. The brand also uses biodegradable, compostable and recyclable packaging materials, including mailers, bubble wrap, and packing tape, as well as carbon-neutral couriers.
The Bod Society's social responsibility efforts include planting one tree for every order over $25, donating to animal sanctuaries, domestic violence charities, cancer charities and advocating for more commercial composting in local suburbs.

Product reviews from our experts…


The minty, green scent was really fresh and clean. I loved that it came with a bamboo applicator that I could use to scoop out product instead of putting my fingers right into it. The formula had a drier finish than the others, likely due to the inclusion of three moisture-wicking ingredients, which was helpful during workouts. The paper pot was the first I’ve seen like it with a deodorant as well.

They’ve been very considerate about their product packaging and mailers, ensuring they use compostable components in their shipping process. They also plant a tree for every order placed over $25, which is great and claim to source all ingredients locally, which means a less carbon intensive supply chain.

–Jessica Teas


This is a great minty smelling pit balm that works really well. I liked the inclusion of the applicator – greatly appreciated – and the interesting packaging! They also have a great sustainable and local focus.

–Corrine Sultana


We really liked the look of this product and the packaging, super pretty and also liked the cute little scoop! We also love the brand’s idea of planting a tree for every $25 and advocating for proper composting.

–Kirstie + Sarah

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