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The Corner Store Network – Corner Store Coffee



Corner Store Coffee is an award-winning product sourced directly from farming communities in Timor-Leste, providing above fair-trade rates. With every kilo roasted, a tree is planted through the WithOneSeed program. The coffee is packaged in home compostable packaging.

Made from excellent clean ingredients. 100% Direct Trade, organic, Arabica coffee beans, grown in Timor-Leste
The Corner Store Network sources coffee beans through a direct-trade model, working directly with a locally run cooperative in Timor-Leste to ensure fair prices and safe working conditions. They also believe in paying a fair price for great products and partnering with suppliers committed to environmental protection. By working directly with farming communities, they aim to increase education and improve the overall quality and quantity of coffee beans, providing stable prices and reliable income for local growers. They pay farmers three times annually to reduce risk and give families stability to plan for their future.
The Corner Store Network has implemented several sustainable practices, including using home-compostable coffee bags, labels, stickers, mailing bags and tape, giving away coffee waste to a community garden and soap maker and using an afterburner to remove emissions and odours during the roasting process. The brand undertakes an annual carbon audit and offsets double their annual footprint, but does not use the term "carbon neutral" due to its potential for greenwashing. The brand also limits international travel and doubles offsets for any necessary travel.
The Corner Store Network takes social responsibility seriously and practices environmental responsibility by planting a tree for every kilo of coffee they roast, using only certifiable and genuine home compostable packaging and reducing their environmental impact wherever possible. They also have ethical responsibilities, treating everyone in their supply chain with respect and empathy and only doing business with like-minded companies that share their values. They also prioritise staff well-being, paying 17% above the international fair-trade price for coffee beans.

Product reviews from our experts…


First thing I noticed was the transparency report which I thought was amazing for a brand to send that out with an order. Lots of useful information which is great. The aroma is amazing, and has quite a nice strong scent. Smooth and rich in flavour, has a slight bitter aftertaste but it was pleasant. I love the simple packaging and I have been able to just pop it into my compost at home 🙂

I love that their coffee is sourced directly from farming villages and that they pay above market rates which is amazing! Wild grown and hand processed means you are getting the best quality coffee. I also love that for every kg of coffee roasted they pay a farmer to plant/nurture a tree!

–Samantha Gilmore


I love the smooth taste of this coffee, and it produced a beautiful creme top in my machine. I also like the fact that it’s only recently been ground and that it’s “giving back”. It means I’ve done something good before the day has even begun – ha!

I really like their approach to dealing with farmers – paying higher prices, paying them more regularly and also the fact they are giving back to the country with their tree donations. I also like the home compostable packaging and yearly carbon audit.

–Lucy Cousins


A lovely, smooth blend, I really enjoyed my morning cup! Organic and conscious about fair working conditions and pay as well as working towards zero waste is all to be commended.

–Sarah Berry

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