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The Dirt Company – Booster Wash


Formulated from excellent non-toxic ingredients.
Manufactured in Melbourne, all The Dirt Company ingredients are biodegradable, all natural and plant based. There are no dyes or synthetic fragrances, no nasty sulphates, no SLS and no testing on animals. All the brand’s ingredient suppliers are based in Australia and no child labour is practiced.
The Dirt Company refill return system aims to create a closed loop system in which no plastic is produced, customers purchase an infinitely reusable glass bottle which can be refilled using refill packs (that are made from at least 30% post industrial waste). The packs are then sent back to the brand to be sanitised and refilled to be sent out again. When our refill packs reach the end of their life they are then repurposed. The Dirt Company partners with Reground to process any of the single use plastic that comes into the warehouse through external suppliers. Due to the high performance, natural ingredients of the products and the ultimately high concentration (meaning less product overall to be produced and shipped) the carbon footprint of the products is kept low.
Every year The Dirt Company allocates 50% of profits to projects that tackle removing waste from the earth. For example, The Ocean Cleanup Project - $40,000; Diverting end of life packs from landfill - $27,000; Trash bag for Dirt bag summer challenges - $5000. The brand also makes donations throughout the year to two causes a month, for example Sydney Diamond Ball, Various Ronald McDonald Houses and OzHarvest.

What our experts say...


I was thrilled to use this product and watch my whites turn white again! It worked really well as a standard alone soaker as well as a washing booster. I would definitely recommend its soaking power. The closed loop and refillable / reusable concepts are great initiatives.

–Corrine Sultana


There are so many reasons I like this product. The clever closed loop packaging system, the ethically sourced (largely Australian) plant based, non-toxic ingredients, the generous amount The Dirt Company gives back to worthy causes, and of course the performance of the product itself. I found Booster Wash fantastic for both soaking and for general washes. Not only does it leave clothes clean and smelling SO good but a small amount goes a long way and does a great job in removing stains from clothing in a household of adventurous boys! The Dirt Company has really invested in creating a closed loop system that factors in all aspects of their production all the way to consideration of the lifecycle of their refill packs. I also applaud their focus on ethical practices and sourcing. I think it is also incredible that they are committing 50% of their profits towards efforts to remove waste from our planet.

–Niccii Kugler


I used this product to wash various pieces of clothing with heavily marked oil, blood and pasta stains. I was super impressed to see all stains were removed! Via soaking method, it even saved one of my favourite white pairs of pants! I loved that it did this with non-toxic ingredients as I have very sensitive skin. I have since worn the clothing and had no skin irritation which is great proof that the product uses excellent natural, plant based ingredients that are good and gentle on my body. I resonate with Dirt’s closed loop refill and return system. It provides me confidence that the brand is considering their waste and carbon impact at each step of the process. I also give a thumbs up to Dirt’s online 2022 impact report, this includes great impact achievements and goals.

–Renee Carpenter

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