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The Divine Company – Divine Baby Soothing Baby Moisturiser


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, 92% organic ingredients. Contains aloe vera, jojoba, rooibos tea and chamomile flower oil.
The Divine Company products are ACO/COSMOS Certified Organic, 100% natural and Australian-made in Northern NSW.
Where possible, all ingredients are sustainably sourced and packaging is recyclable.
The Divine Company supports charities by offering donations or products for use at auctions.

What our experts say...

My most favourite thing about this product is the scent and it’s silky soft lightweight texture. It smells so sweet from the chamomile flower, I have found myself using it multiple times a day on my baby and myself! It’s effect on the mind & baby’s skin is soothing and calming.

It’s excellent practice that all products are made locally (in this case Northern NSW), reducing the brand’s carbon footprint.

– Melissa Mai

A beautiful light cream that spreads so effortlessly and absorbs quickly. I love the use of aloe vera and jojoba oil to sooth and support the skin, while leaving behind a subtle floral scent. It is a joy to know all ingredients are non toxic.

It is awesome to see the products are Australian made and use over 90% organic ACO/ COSMOS Certified natural ingredients! To me, this is not only impactful for the consumer, but also for our planet. I am also happy to see the brand’s focus on sustainably sourcing ingredients and using recyclable packaging.

– Teodora Tinc

A delightfully lightweight and super hydrating moisturiser for little ones. Perfect for use on infants after the bath to lock in moisture and keep their skin protected. My children both had eczema and dry skin at a young age and I so wish I had known about this beautiful moisturiser then.

–Emily Fletcher

Lovely and smooth texture. Very light and gentle smell. Great use of resources and initiatives to reduce carbon emissions.

– Larissa Tedesco

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