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The Hello Cup – The Hello Cup


Gold + Editor's Choice
Made from excellent, non-toxic materials. 100% medical-grade TPE.
The Hello Cup is a Certified B Corp business, with their products being made in New Zealand. The brand offer a diverse workplace and embrace diversity across the business, all staff are paid Living Wage and above and there is no child labour. Staff have two additional paid leave days each year called 'Duvet Days' to encourage them to support their mental health. The Hello Cup does not use gendered terms (instead talk about 'People with periods') to ensure non-binary, transgender men and other LQBTQI people with periods are not left out of the conversation. The brand is committed to building visibility and transparency within their supply chain.
The Hello Cup’s respect for the environment is inherent in the consideration of the materials in their products, from the product to the packaging. This includes sourcing of materials that are natural and organically grown where possible and planning for the end-of-life disposal of composting or recycling rather than landfill. This Climate Positive business’s Hello Cups are fully recyclable at the end of their life, however the product design is for long-life and durability to reduce waste. The brand uses minimum packaging and the packaging that is used is fully recyclable. The canisters are however, designed to be so beautiful that customers are encouraged to repurpose them to hold pens, makeup brushes etc. It is estimated that a single Hello Cup is the equivalent to over 2300 single-use products and to date, Hello Cups are thought to have prevented more than 200 million tampons and pads from going into global landfills.
The Hello Cup supports many organisations such as One Girl, We are Happy Period, Arohata Women's Prison, Para Kure (a Maori waste minimisation initiative) and Suitcase Joe (working with Skidrow residents in Los Angeles). In addition, this Certified B Corp and Climate Positive Business, currently offsets its climate footprint by 120%.

What our experts say...

I love that the product looks fun! The packaging is gorgeous (and ethical) and the product itself isn’t the least intimidating (which is important to a millenial like me who hadn’t ever used a period cup before). I’m happy to say now that thanks to Hello Cup I’m a cup convert. Wow! “Duvet Days!” a carbon offset of 120% the support they give to the community and the fact that they don’t use gendered terms in any of their marketing and branding, I love Hello Cup!

– Sam Christian

My first impression was I loved the funky, fun packaging – I instantly wanted to love the product as it didn’t feel serious, taboo, uncomfortable or scary as some period care products can. The cups are fun colours and come in a lovely little bag for safe keeping. They are really easy to fold. This business takes care of its people, is inclusive and diverse, while tackling sustainability and waste reduction. All great goals to aspire to.

– Corrine Sultana

Where do I start? From the minute I opened up my package, I was wow’d! This company has thought about everything in the customer journey process. Branding, packaging, info all 5 stars. As for the actual menstrual cup itself, I found it really comfortable to wear. I have been using a menstrual cup for over a year now (not this brand) and now realise that it wasn’t the right size for me. I found it folded nicely and removing it was easy peasy. Highly recommend it.  Hello Cup resonates with every level of my conscious consumer buying.

– Petria Leggo-Field

Easy to fold, insert and soft to the touch. This is a great cup for beginners as it’s comfy and easy to take out again. I love that they support so many other charity organisations and offset their climate footprint by 120%! Highly recommended.

– Emily Fletcher

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