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The Herb Farm – Hydrating Overnight Face Mask



The Hydrating Overnight Face Mask contains herbal extracts that penetrate skin cells, promoting repair, renewal and rejuvenation during sleep. It effectively seals in moisture, providing long-lasting hydration for a visibly hydrated complexion.

Formulated with excellent clean, mostly organic ingredients, including organic linseed oil, Gotu Kola and echinacea.
The Herb Farm uses 100% natural ingredients for their products, which are made on-site in New Zealand using herbal extracts that are sourced from their own organic gardens. The brand has a traceable and credible supply chain for all ingredients used.
The Herb Farm's packaging uses non-frosted glass and aluminium lids, and its labels are produced by a Gold-certified Enviro manufacturer. The brand donates to Trees that Count and Trillion Trees and has planted more than 600 native trees over the last 17 months. The Herb Farm offers loyalty credits for returning empty products and offers an opt-out of product boxes option within New Zealand. The brand makes its products on-site and distributes directly from its premises to avoid double handling. Their café uses eco-friendly takeaway containers and the brand collects, filters and uses its own water for production and the café. The brand also has compost and recycling bins and uses coffee grinds in its gardens. Furthermore The Herb Farm grows its own firewood, has its own vegetable gardens and has upcycled an old plastic water tank into a playhouse at the café.
The Herb Farm is a local employment provider and has been part of its community for over 30 years. They give back to the community by sponsoring charities such as 'I Am Hope' (youth mental health charity), Arohanui Hospice with Compassion Packs, 'SANDS' (sudden infant deaths) by shipping Baby Ash Boxes created locally, and supporting Trees That Count and Trillion Trees. The brand also provides individual care, support and help on a case-by-case basis.

Product reviews from our experts…


Let this overnight face mask work its magic as you catch some well-earned rest. This mask is packed with plant based power that will let you rest as your skin replenishes. I used mine before a girls’ day out and my skin reaped the rewards with a smoother finish that let my makeup glide on and stay fresh all day with a healthy skin finish, or the perfect little pre-bed ritual when your skin’s been working overtime.

I love how they have a transparent supply chain and use herbal ingredients grown in their own organic gardens. Being a local provider for over 30 years is amazing and sounds like they are super committed to their local community.

–Amy Hughes


It was creamy and felt very moisturising. I was also impressed by the brand’s long standing environmental initiatives.

–Arjun Sudhir


With a busy schedule there isn’t always time to apply a face mask and wait 10-15 minutes before washing it off. This ultra hydrating overnight mask, packed with skin health promoting ingredients, is applied at night and simply left on. A couple of uses per week has really improved the overall look and feel of my skin.

The Herb Farm clearly prioritises sustainability in their decision making and seem to consider every detail. For example, the brand’s labels are produced by a Gold-certified Enviro manufacturer and they also offer loyalty credits to customers who return empties.

–Dominique Scott

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