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The Jojoba Company – Australian Jojoba


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. 100% jojoba seed oil.
The single ingredient that is used in Australian Jojoba is grown on The Jojoba Company’s farm in south-western NSW, Australia. The farm is operated by paid workers whose working conditions adhere to Australian legislation.
The Jojoba Company uses compostable corn starch beans to protect the precious glass bottle containing jojoba in a recyclable cardboard box. The jojoba plant is a carbon-negative crop and minimal machinery is used to harvest its beans.
The Jojoba Company regularly donate to Australians in need or in a time of crisis. 100% of 24hour profits were donated to three supporting charities in the January bushfires and over 34,000 litres of water was donated to Australian farmers during the February floods. The company also created and gifted its own hand sanitiser for frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and have donated hundreds of moisturisers to Indigenous rural communities in the Northern Territory.

What our experts say...

This is a beautiful and natural single ingredient oil that sinks into the skin with ease. It’s a great multitasking product that works well on skin, hair and body. Also a great oil for all skin types, especially sensitive. I appreciate the use of sustainable ingredients and manufacturing locally. The brand has a great approach to sustainability.

–Shahrzad Kahrobai

The best feature of Australian Jojoba is its ability to positively impact the skin overnight. After a single application, my skin appeared more luminous, even toned and plump come morning. It’s formula is housed in a luxurious glass chamber with a user-friendly pump function. It’s wonderful to learn of the many ways in which The Jojoba Company has responded to current events that have impacted Australians in recent times and of the company’s contributions to Indigenous individuals.

–Hannah Gay

I like how this calms down redness and hydrates the skin. It’s great for my eczema prone skin. Love that The Jojoba Co donate to different charities regularly and when they feel necessary. All the packaging can be recycled or composted, which is also fab.

–Madeleine Edwards

I love that this is a single ingredient product and grown on the Australian family farm, cold pressed locally and then bottled. This jojoba is incredibly pure and so lightweight in its consistency, absorbing well into my skin and locking in moisture. I love that I can use it even on my acne prone skin and it doesn’t cause me to break out. Skincare minimalism at its finest, this is absolutely gorgeous.

–Emily Fletcher

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