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The Jojoba Company – Jojoba Bean Natural Exfoliator


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% Jojoba seed in a compostable packet.
The single ingredient that is used in Australian Jojoba is grown on The Jojoba Company’s farm in south-western NSW, Australia. The farm is operated by paid workers whose working conditions adhere to Australian legislation.
The Jojoba Company uses compostable corn starch beans to protect the precious glass bottle containing jojoba in a recyclable cardboard box. The jojoba plant is a carbon-negative crop and minimal machinery is used to harvest its beans.
The Jojoba Company regularly donate to Australians in need or in a time of crisis. 100% of 24hour profits were donated to three supporting charities in the January bushfires and over 34,000 litres of water was donated to Australian farmers during the February floods. The company also created and gifted its own hand sanitiser for frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and have donated hundreds of moisturisers to Indigenous rural communities in the Northern Territory.

What our experts say...

The product packaging was unique and sustainable and signifies the brand’s commitment to their sustainable ethos. The brand’s social responsibility statement resonates with me because of how they use everything the Jojoba plant produces. This practice is admirable as they are being mindful, resourceful and not wasteful.

– Lille Madden

The fine granules feel soft against the skin – not abrasive – despite their exfoliation properties. I love that this is a waste product from their other operations and that it is being used -plus a single ingredient- simplicity!

But beyond that this is a highly ethical Australian based business. I love that the packaging is compostable and that this is a better option than recycling. Beyond packaging – the donations to charity and high work standards are great. Also love all the social support.

–Jacqui Scruby

There is such beauty in the creation of a product made from something which would otherwise be thrown away. This gorgeous jojoba exfoliating powder is made from the milled bean casings after the extraction of jojoba. Finely ground, it is gentle enough for my face and also in a generous enough package to be used for my body. I really like that I can choose how much I add to a cleanser or mask to tailor it to what my skin requires at that moment. It leaves my skin smooth, soft and perfectly exfoliated and I love that it is in compostable packaging.

–Emily Fletcher

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