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The Jojoba Company – Ultimate Youth Potion + L22®


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes jojoba, argan, baobab and manuka oils.
The Jojoba Company only chooses ethical ingredients, such as sourcing their mica (mica is normally produced using child labour in India) from an ethical project in India where they have built schools for the children and mine the mica without child labour. All ingredients are also cruelty-free and plant-derived and all manufacturing, filling and packing is done in Australia by appropriately paid adults.
The Jojoba Company utilises biodegradable noodles to pack and protect their products for online orders and the boxes are fully recyclable. The brand also uses upcycled ingredients produced from what would be waste e.g the jojoba bean exfoliant made by crushing up the leftover jojoba beans after crushing them to release the jojoba. They follow sustainable practices on their farm bringing carbon from the atmosphere into the soil. Jojoba is a carbon-negative plant requiring more carbon to grow than other plants and the brand has over 100 hectares of jojoba growing on their farm.
The Jojoba Company supports the Look Good Feel Better charity helping women to feel better about themselves while going through cancer treatment.

What our experts say...


This is an incredibly lightweight face oil that disperses and absorbs easily (only a small amount is needed) so I found it easy to apply under makeup during the day. Claiming to “mimic the lipid profile of a 22-year old” it works to both hydrate and firm skin, and within one week of using it, my skin appeared to be tighter and smoother. I appreciate the efforts this brand makes to source ethically and support global communities, as well as efforts to bring carbon down from the atmosphere into the soil. I was excited to learn that Jojoba is a carbon-negative plant.

–Emma Freeman


My skin loves this face oil! It drinks it up and feels lovely and plump afterwards. It also didn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all. It’s soothing and nourishing and a great product to have in a routine, especially if you don’t have time for multiple steps but want something that will deliver. I love that the Jojoba Company is an Australian brand with a wonderful history. Their sustainable practices and ethics around their product are wonderful.

–Ash Quinn


I enjoyed the luxe feel of this product in terms of consistency and look and feel of the bottle. The addition of Coenzyme Q10 is really impressive to have in an oil for an added anti-aging boost and I appreciate both the natural ingredients and active ones together to boost results. I love that this brand has complete control of the entire manufacturing process and how much attention is paid to wastage in the production process as well as ensuring the process from farm to bottle is sustainable.

–Erin Norden

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