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The Laminated Cotton Shop – Laminated Cotton Reusable Shower Cap



Reusable Shower Caps, handmade in Melbourne, Australia from Laminated Cotton. An eco-friendly alternative to plastic caps, the durable fabric can withstand repeated wash and wear. Gentle against scalp and hair, with ribbed elastic retaining shape over time.

Made from excellent materials. GOTS organic cotton with a matte PU coating.
The Laminated Cotton Shop sources all of its laminated cotton fabric from reputable fabric houses in the US and Japan. Their products are made using GOTS certified organic cotton with low impact dyes and are also PVC-free, BPA-free and Phthalate-free. The brand holds Australian Made Campaign certification and employs local women in line with relevant Australian employment, insurance and tax laws.
The Laminated Cotton Shop produces reusable and washable products in Melbourne with a zero waste production plan. They use all fabric efficiently, repurpose scrap fabric and use eco-friendly packaging materials, including compostable mailing satchels. The business was founded with the aim of reducing the use of disposable plastics. Furthermore, using their products should decrease consumption of disposable plastic equivalents.
The Laminated Cotton Shop engages in social responsibility efforts by attending local sustainability group events and market days to promote reusable products and supporting Impact for Women by donating to and volunteering for the Melbourne charity providing assistance to women leaving domestic violence situations.

Product reviews from our experts…


I like to use shower caps and found this one great. Fits and holds really well, with a nice design. I will wash and use over and over.

Shower caps are a tricky one for the environment but I like that they have come up with a design which minimises the amount of plastic used and is well made to be reused for a very long time.

–Amanda Jason


I love using a fabric shower cap to keep my hair dry in the shower and the Laminated Cotton Shop cap fitted perfectly. It’s lovely to know these caps are made in Melbourne from GOTS certified organic cotton.

I’m impressed by the zero waste production process where scraps are turned into products and that the company supports Impact for Women.

–Laura Trotta


It’s really easy to use and I love it’s made in Australia. It also supports women leaving domestic violence situations. It’s great that the material is GOTS Certified cotton and the packaging is all conscious.

–Julie Mathers

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