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The Little Potion Co – Enchanted Garden Mindful Magic Potion Kit


Made from excellent non-toxic materials.
The Little Potion Co hand mix all their ingredients using non-toxic, natural elements and eco-friendly materials such as biodegradable glitter and natural, ethically sourced micas. The Little Potion Co products are made in Melbourne and the company supports local where possible, for example by using a local printer that uses recycled card stock.
Kits contain sustainable and/or reusable packaging and customers are encouraged to reuse their containers and continue with their own potion-making at home. The company also uses kraft boxes and biodegradable stickers, mailers and cello bags.
The Little Potion Co are partnering with Heavenly Trimmings to donate items for their Christmas blessing bags, which are gifted to children in hospital fighting chronic health battles. The company have also donated to the Starlight Foundation and Cure Cancer Australia.

What our experts say...

My 6 year old son loved this one so much, he didn’t even share it with his big or little brothers. He was sprinkling magic potion everywhere, to make the plants grow bigger, in the pool to make it warm, and on his bed so he would have a good night’s sleep. I love that it is a little bit magical and awakens the imaginative play. I love that the glitter isn’t a plastic version and is biodegradable.

– Amanda Callan

Whilst watching my daughter dance in the garden with carefree movements, sparkling eyes and a bright smile around a fizzing floral potion to bring joy, the magic in the air was palpable. After, some potion was rubbed in the middle of the sparkly potion stone as a reminder of the joyful spirit. Cleverly mixing magic with psychology, this kit creates powerful positive memories anchored to a special stone which a child can pop in their pocket whenever they need support. Beautifully presented and with a value far greater than the sum of its contents, I couldn’t recommend this beautiful kit more highly.

– Emily Fletcher

A beautiful and whimsical product that stirred the creative juices of all three of my boys aged 2 – 6. I loved the selection of products and the packaging – it all felt very magical. A very clever open ended kit that inspires young minds and parents alike. I would purchase this again to gift to friends. The brand donating to children charities and providing a little bit of magic is heartwarming.

– Mikalea Hanson

If you don’t believe in magic (whether a child or an adult) you will after casting a spell with this “mindful magic” potion kit. So much love and thought has gone into creating this kit: ingredients include pixie dust, fairy crystals and flower fizz. Each spell is an affirmation to help build joy, confidence and calm in your child, as well as to connect to nature.

I love that all items in the box are either reusable or biodegradable and that the substances are all non-toxic.

– Emma Freeman

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