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The Little Potion Co – Rainbow Sparkles Potion Kit



This potion play kit is filled with ingredients that fizz, shimmer and sparkle, providing little creatives with a world of imagination and discovery. The box is packed with colour, glitter and fun, allowing kids to create their own potions.

Made from excellent non-toxic materials.
The Little Potion Co is an Australian brand that uses food grade ingredients, bio glitter and natural elements such as dried flowers and herbs to create its products. They source elements locally when possible, including using a local printer for packaging and manufacturing their kraft boxes in Australia. They prioritise sustainability, using biodegradable bio glitter, PET plastic bottles that can be easily recycled, and designing them with a reusable bamboo cap. They pay their staff above award wages and offer a flexible and nurturing workplace, including a safe space for the children of staff on school holidays. All ingredients are nature based and non-toxic.
The brand utilizes cardboard boxes and Hero satchels for postage, along with bio glitter that biodegrades in 90 days. They source elements from Australia and use a local printer for packaging, with kraft boxes manufactured domestically. The brand also uses wood wool for packaging and works with sustainable and environmentally conscious printer Print Together, printing on recycled card.
The brand regularly gifts potions to children in need and also partners with Heavenly Trimmings to provide Christmas care packages for hospitalized children. They have also donated $400 worth of stock to the Geelong Mums for their Mothers Day Fundraising event and are hosting their first fundraising event on June 4th, with proceeds going to The Kids Cancer Project. The brand hopes to continue to expand their opportunities to give back to the community as they grow.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love that it’s all-inclusive – it has everything you need to make glittery, fizzy potions! I am also so impressed that this brand is so thoughtful of their employees’ needs, especially welcoming kids to the workplace during holidays. I think it speaks highly to their levels of social responsibility and sustainability because ultimately happy, loyal employees increase a company’s sustainability!

–Emma Meyer


The Little Potion Co Rainbow Sparkles Potion Kit came gorgeously wrapped! I love that everything you need to make some gorgeous potions is included. The kit is beautifully thought out, with each ingredient having its own characteristics, like the Rainbow Drops to be used for positivity and happiness and seeing the bright side of life. The kids had so much fun brewing up some potions. The little jars that some of the ingredients come in make perfect little calm down bottles and are perfect for storing finished potions.

I also love the efforts that the Little Potion Co has made to give back to the community via donations and that elements of the kit are sourced locally!

–Fiona Morouco


We loved playing with this one and got the kids to use their imaginations of what they can make with it. I loved that each material was non-toxic, so you could get nice and messy knowing no harm was going to the kids via skin absorption or to the earth for after play!

So many ticks here – from the non toxic ingredients, to how the package was shipped (plastic free), bio-glitter (didn’t know there was such a thing!) to how the team operates as a small business – good work!

–Lee Sutherland

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