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The Naked Soap Company – Lemon Myrtle and Honey Soap


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes olive oil, shea butter and lemon myrtle.
All of The Naked Soap Company’s products are handmade in Australia on their family farm, using natural colourants made either from clays or are plant-based. As many products as possible are sourced from local suppliers including honey, lavender essential oil, Australia pink clay, rose petals, lavender buds, rosemary springs. Ingredients sourced from outside of Australia are through reputable companies, which have clear policies on cruelty free and not testing on animals. These suppliers also have clear ethical and fair trade policies.
The Naked Soap Company’s manufacturing is all done in an off-grid farmhouse using solar power and rain water. Products are handmade on the farm using locally produced olive oil directly from the farmer as the main ingredient. Soap off-cuts and pieces unfit for sale are saved and used in soap off-cut bags sold at a discount. The brand uses minimalistic, recyclable packaging for their products and their soaps are 'naked' - free of packaging, with only recyclable labels. Recyclable packaging is used for shipping online orders including Hex-Wrap protective packaging and cardboard boxes. The brand also reuses packaging received in ingredient orders for shipping wholesale orders.
The Naked Soap Company regularly donates products to their local community for use in fundraisers. They are regularly contacted by local clubs and charities requesting products for their raffles. Previous recipients include local netball and football clubs, cancer fundraisers and school groups.

What our experts say...


I like the beautiful refreshing scent. I also like the creamy nature of the soap – it doesn’t appear drying at all. I love the fact that the company is a regional business supporting the local, regional community. Organisations like football and netball clubs are the backbone of regional communities and supporting them helps support physical and mental health in our regions.

–Laura Trotta


I enjoyed that this product has a beautiful luxe silky texture and more importantly left my skin well moisturised post shower. As a woman with sensitive skin that has dry or itchy reactions to many ingredients, I could tell the ingredients used in this soap product was of high quality. The olive oil & shea butter added great moisturising value. I value the innovation and creativeness to be able to manufacture the soap product off grid with solar and rainwater. This is self-sustaining and positive for the environment. This resonated deeply with me as I seek to continue to make changes to my home and life with the intent of improving my self-sustainable living impact. This is a socially responsible trait that I greatly admire.

–Renee Carpenter


This is a beautiful product; the soap smells naturally native and the honeycomb is a really great design touch. It lathers incredibly well and is a soap I would use time and time again. There is minimal packaging and they’ve done a great job of having some packaging but not too much. They have also been very considered with the ingredients used, where they are sourced from and their entire supply chain.

–Julie Mathers

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