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The Organic Skin Co. – Task Force Nine, Turmeric and Calendula Calming Cream



Task Force Nine is a hydrating face moisturiser and calming ‘rescue’ cream specifically designed for sensitive or reactive skin. It contains nine carefully blended ingredients that work together to soothe, soften and rebalance the skin, making it perfect for providing extra care and comfort.

Formulated with excellent clean, 78.4% organic ingredients, including shea butter, jojoba oil, calendula and rosemary extracts.
The Organic Skin Co. manufactures the majority of its products in India, with a few products made in New Zealand. The brand has partnerships with organic community farms in India, which are helping to improve economic and social conditions in rural areas and resurrect an agricultural landscape that has been harmed by the overuse of chemicals. To support these partnerships, the brand's key partner in India is accredited by IMO Swiss AG under its Fair For Life Program, which guarantees that producers follow strict ethical criteria such as no forced or child labour and safe working conditions. This ensures that the organic ingredients used in their products are ethically sourced.
The brand has focused on making their packaging sustainable and eco-friendly. Their retail boxes are printed in vegetable ink on FSC card, while their direct-to-consumer packaging is offered in compostable, eco-pulp outer shells. They use PCR aluminium tubes made from 95% post-consumer recycled aluminium and 5% post-industrial recycled materials, as well as recyclable and upcyclable glass jars. Biodegradable bamboo caps and tube keys are also used in their packaging, and the bamboo caps separate from the PCR plastic screw-on lids to avoid the use of toxic glues.
The Organic Skin Co. has a 'One Product, One Tree' initiative in partnership with Eden Reforestation, in which they plant one tree for every product sold. They are committed to sustainable and regenerative farming practices and have worked with community farms in India.

Product reviews from our experts…


The pastel yellow cream has an incredibly fresh, lightly citrus-floral scent and feels soothing, almost cooling, when rubbed into the skin. It disperses really rapidly, disappearing into the skin almost instantaneously, leaving a natural/matte finish that feels deeply hydrated. My skin looked less ruddy when I used it and I had no reactivity or breakouts. There was no stinging or tightness. Just a calm, hydrated complexion. The packaging is also outstanding – the compostable shell with non-toxic ink in which the aluminium tube and bamboo cap come in. A huge added bonus is that it comes with a recyclable bamboo tube key so you can squeeze out every last drop of this calming cream, which is notoriously hard to do with a tube!

I like the transparency around who they work with in India and that they partner with vetted NGOs in the regions where they operate to help clean up the environment and ensure that fair labour practices are followed in their supply chain, particularly no child labour. It is also great that each product sold means a tree gets planted!

–Jessica Teas


Oh my goodness, this Task Force Nine Turmeric and Calendula Calming Cream is such a gorgeous product. A truly luxe product, that feels incredible on your skin (I slept in it, and woke up with plump, baby soft skin). A joy to apply and use! Feels like heaven, is instantly calming and soothing, a truly luxurious product that I adored applying! It really made my skin baby soft.

I’m also impressed by their ‘One Product, One Tree’ initiative in partnership with Eden Reforestation, in which they plant one tree for every product sold!

–Amanda Ramsay


Fabulous calming cream for the skin in an easy to use tube. Absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and taken care of! I love the tube key that comes with it and the packaging. Partnering with farms and suppliers close to the source also adds to the environmental focus of this brand. Lots of great sustainable actions in their manufacturing!

–Corrine Sultana

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