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The Small Town Soap Company – Clean Bar



The Clean Bar is a versatile cleaning bar that effectively cleans a variety of surfaces in the home. It can be used on dishes, fabric stains, carpets, bench tops, bathroom tiles, shower screens, windows, stainless steel, and floors, making it suitable for almost any wet cleaning task. With no chemicals, fumes, or fragrance, it offers a powerful and safe clean.

Formulated from excellent clean ingredients including coconut oil and tallow.
Clean Bar is a handmade soap brand, made by rural women in Kimba, South Australia. The brand is focused on ethical practices in their supply chain and ingredient selection. All of their products are palm oil-free, they use tallow, a by-product of the meat industry, to reduce waste and landfill and their shea butter comes from a small cooperative in Adelaide owned by Ghanaian migrants. The brand takes a holistic approach to their work, focusing on the health and well-being of all involved. They maintain a safe working environment, employ industry safety standards, and schedule production times for the coolest period of the day, to account for the physical demands of soap-making.
The Small Town Soap Company prioritises sustainability in their operations and has a zero-waste policy. They have removed all plastic from their packaging, using only compostable or recyclable materials and repurpose offcuts into mini guest soaps. Additionally, they source oils from Australian growers and do not use palm oil in their products.
The Small Town Soap Co is a not-for-profit rural creative hub that operates as part of Workshop26. The brand is one of nine female-founded micro-businesses that work from repurposed shipping containers in the former industrial space, which operates as a small business incubator, employment generator, artisan studio, event space, co-working space, community centre and tourist attraction. Employing a three-person team, the brand is embedded in their community and volunteers for different organisations and mentors young creatives in the area. The brand is socially responsible in all aspects of its production and produces small bars of soap that are donated annually to charities, women’s shelters and schools working with at-risk young people.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love the ethics and the values. The soap is great but what makes it is the story around how it has been made and who has made it.

I am impressed by everything! The fact this is a not for profit and they even consider when they make the soap recognising that it’s not easy when it’s hot. I am so impressed by the ethics of this business.

–Julie Mathers


Such a simple, effective product that has so many purposes! A simple soap bar to replace so many varying plastic bottles and cleaners. I feel like every home should have this. It shined up stainless steel so nicely! Got stains out white school uniforms. And worked great at cleaning trays after an oven roast. The smell is very neutral so would suit anyone’s senses.

The foundations on which their business model is built is so impressive and inspiring. This simple product undoes years of excessive consumerism in the household cleaning industry. Reminding us that we don’t need a stack of plastic bottles, chemicals and large transportation loads (which basically just ship around lots of water with some chemicals in a big plastic bottle!) We can replace so much with a little ‘Clean Bar’. Well done x

–Amanda Jason


I really like that it’s fragrance free so doesn’t overwhelm my sense of smell, like some soaps and cleaning products can. The bar is really versatile and can be used for so many cleaning applications. I particularly liked it as a spot treatment for my carpet.

I’m impressed that the brand is truly regional and provides employment opportunities in Kimba. I also like that tallow from the meat industry is used and that shea butter is sourced from a cooperative of Ghana migrants in Adelaide.

–Laura Trotta

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