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The Source Hairdressing – Wholeness Tea – Loving Me


Made from excellent Certified organic ingredients including peppermint, echinacea, elderflower and rosehip.
The Source Wholeness Tea ~ Loving Me is 100% Certified Organic, utilising in house production. The brand makes small batches using growers within the local community where possible. The Source alchemical brews are pesticide and herbicide free and the medicinal herbs are sourced only from fair trade and certified farms.
The Source keeps production local to reduce their carbon footprint. The Wholeness Tea ~ Loving Me is packaged in a cardboard eco friendly cylinder and a refill service is offered. The brand also uses the carbon neutral delivery provider Sendle. All packaging for orders has been up cycled from the brand’s sustainable partners Aveda and Sustainable Salons.
The Source supports ‘Take 3 for the Sea’, donates regularly to the not-for-profit charity Patricia Giles for nonviolence and every April they celebrate Earth month by raising awareness and funds for “Clean Water” globally. The Source also founded a charity called ‘Healing Hearts’, which was created to celebrate Cancer Survivors. Choosing 7 people and inviting them to experience healing modalities like Bowen therapy, Reflexology and Massage. Adding a makeover and finishing with a sound healing meditation to balance the mind body and spirit, creating a beautiful sense of wellbeing.

What our experts say...


Packed with herbs, spices, leaves, roots and flowers, this tea is packed with health benefits and I loved seeing the leaves and petals together in the container. Upon brewing, the aroma is earthy, the hue is golden and the taste is minty, vegetal, slightly sweet and refreshing. I like that the peppermint doesn’t completely overpower the other ingredients, although it is the main tasting note. I really appreciate that the ingredients are certified organic, the packaging is refillable and that The Source gives so much back to society.

–Emma Freeman


Presented in the most delightful eco-friendly cardboard cylinder, this organic wholeness tea is crafted using a handful of carefully selected healing ingredients. The warmth both the peppermint and licorice components bring upon every sip, makes drinking this beautiful brew feel like a necessary act of self love. I love that this brand is consciously creating zero waste products that contain nothing but organic and premium wild harvested botanicals.

–Dominique Scott


I loved the flavour and quality of the tea – I could see the herbs were fresh, premium quality and I enjoyed actually drinking the tea. I love the reusable container, and that there is no need for plastic sealing on the inside. I love that they endeavour to source ingredients that support Indigenous communities. The brand has a wonderful list of social responsibilities with complete transparency, which is fantastic to see.

–Jade Woodd

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"Future generations are banking on us."

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