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The Swag – The Swag Organic Non-Paper Towel


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton.
The brand’s organic product range is handmade with love out of India and is ethical and fair trade compliant with SA 8000 and ECOCERT certification. Their current product range uses 100% unbleached, unseeded and non-toxic cotton which is cotton in its rawest form - gradually rolling out each product using GOTS certified organic cotton. By the end of 2022, The Swag will offer its entire range using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.
The Swag Organic Non-Paper Towel is made of GOTS certified organic cotton which consumes less water and chemicals than conventional cotton, and is not sprayed with toxic fertilisers and pesticide. The Swag reduces the impact of its own operations by choosing 100% recyclable and compostable packaging for all products, including twine made from jute, swing tags made from kraft paper, cardboard boxes, paper tape and compostable postage bags. The Swag e-commerce site integrates Eco-Cart in its check-out page. It gives customers the choice to offset the carbon footprint of their orders by paying an additional fee (calculated according to products chosen and the location of delivery). The Swag is also partnered with the Greener program (, paying commission to offset every order placed by Greener customers. The Swag uses circular design practices - where its products can be composted at the end of its very long life. Their office of operations has a Sub Pod compost and a TerraCycle coffee pods recycling box.
Swag Australia donates 5% of all profits to Destiny Rescue, freeing children trapped in human trafficking in countries across the globe.

What our experts say...


I like its simplicity (one neutral colour) and absence of connectors. Other similar products have snaps etc which can be fiddly to attach – there is no need to attach the cloths to one another. They stand together in my paper towel holder well.
Great product that encourages reuse rather than using single-use paper products. Made from organic cotton, fair trade, minimal low-impact packaging and company gives back to social causes.

–Laura Trotta


I enjoyed that this product is reusable. It is easy to wash and return to my kitchen ready for its next convenient use. In addition, I valued that this product is made from GOTS organic cotton. The Swag’s certifications resonate with me as it sets a bar to a high ethical standard which is the standard I compare all brands against. This in hand provides the consumer transparency and trust. These are two critical values in any ethical business.

–Renee Carpenter


I like that it’s reusable and can be washed. I also like that it’s made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. The product is very closely aligned with my values, being made from organic cotton and with minimal packaging.

–Julie Mathers

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