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The Wish Pixies – Wilke the Wish Pixie Doll


Silver + Editor's Choice
Made from excellent non-toxic materials. Cotton/ linen doll filled with recycled PET water bottle fill, non-toxic ink.
The majority of products in The Wish Pixies range are made locally within a 20km radius of their regional Victoria base. A handful of local craftspeople have been selected and trained to hand make different aspects of each piece, under fair and ethical working environments.
The filling used in The Wish Pixies dolls is made from recycled PET water bottles and fabrics are saved from remnant warehouses for re-purposing. The Wish Pixies do not use plastic to wrap any of their products, and their postage envelopes are fully recyclable or recycled. They carry very small amounts of stock and are made to order to avoid the risks of landfill contribution. The Wish Pixies’ office, studio and warehouse are also powered by solar energy and the business offers customers the opportunity to offset their carbon imprint at checkout.
The Wish Pixies support Make-A-Wish Australia and Wildlife Victoria with the sales of their dolls and also campaigned for Pay It Forward Day where they sent a free Wish Pixie to someone in need at the nomination of their customers. The Wish Pixie dolls aim to help children overcome challenges by encouraging development of self confidence and belief in themselves, and the company hosts a monthly ‘Design A Pixie’ competition to inspire this powerful sense of creativity and imagination amongst children.

What our experts say...

This little pixie doll was such a cute idea and I loved the little notes. Our 6 year old has trouble sleeping on his own so we wrote little notes for the pixie and made some wishes and he was more comfortable sleeping in his own bed. Such a sweet little toy. I love that everything is locally produced. It really is amazing how small the brand’s carbon footprint is.

– Amanda Callan

There’s a magic to the wish pixie in it’s whimsical and beautifully made form combined with a delightful story and heartfelt wish. Created to help children navigate their anxieties and overcome their fears through a belief in a little magic and support from messages, this is more than just a toy but a tool that could be very positive and powerful if used with intention. Having brought shrieks of delight to my 6 year old daughter as she finds a message in the wish pixie’s pocket just for her, as a parent I appreciate having this up my sleeve as we navigate the transition back to school after an extended lockdown. I also really value that these are made from recycled and offcut fabrics and filled with recycled PET filling. So special and highly recommended.

– Emily Fletcher

Sweet little design with an important message. Beautiful décor piece for a nursery. Involving children in the design of pixie dolls is a really sweet way to encourage and include children in the creative process. Using local artists is great and the use of recycled materials for both the product and packaging, which is quite magical, is very important also.

– Mikaela Hanson

Ever since my 5 year old son found Wilke the wish pixie hiding amongst the gardenias in our garden, he has carried his new friend everywhere. Occasionally, a special wish or message of encouragement appears in Wilke’s back pocket, for instance, when my son began riding his bike, Wilke wrote to him to tell him he was brave. Wilke is a wonderful way to build a child’s confidence in a fun and magical way, teaching reading skills too. I appreciate that the doll is made locally using non-toxic and recycled materials.

– Emma Freeman

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