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The Yes Yes Company – Yes Cleanse



YES® Cleanse is a water-based, pH-balanced range of external cleansers made with organic plant actives like calendula and aloe vera. These unperfumed cleansers are 84.9% organic, gentle on the skin and free from concerning ingredients and skin irritants.

Formulated with excellent clean, 84.9% organic ingredients including organic aloe vera, calendula and rosa damascena.
The Yes Yes Company is a UK-based manufacturer that prioritises conserving energy and resources while eliminating waste by sourcing all its componentry and raw materials from the UK and EU. The brand also ensures that human rights standards are respected throughout its supply chain and at YES HQ by implementing supply chain questionnaires and data gathering in compliance with the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code. The brand takes customer feedback seriously and avoids leveraging insecurities or creating fear in its communication about its products. Moreover, no animal testing or animal parts are used in the products.
The brand produces certified organic medical devices, with a range of products that are 86%-99% organic. They adhere to a strict ingredients policy that only includes plant-based ingredients and organic beeswax. They source their materials and components from the UK and EU and manufacture their products in the UK to minimize their environmental footprint. The brand is also committed to sourcing sustainably and looking for fair trade alternatives to reinforce local investment. They never use genetically modified ingredients and do not use wild-crafted or endangered plants in their products. The Yes Yes brand product is the only certified organic medical device on NHS prescription.
The brand partners with healthcare professionals and organizations to provide accurate information and resources to support their customers. They have worked with charities and social reform groups and educate their customers about the benefits of using certified organic products made from natural, plant-based ingredients. They provide educational content through various channels such as blogs, social media and email newsletters.

Product reviews from our experts…


Let’s chat about the Yes Cleanse Intimate Wash – it’s like a little eco-friendly spa moment in my daily routine! The gentle scent and how user-friendly it is just make me feel like I’m giving myself a little slice of self-care heaven while being kind to both my body and the planet. It’s like a sustainable hug for my sensitive spots! 🌿🌸🌍

I’m incredibly impressed by The Yes Yes Company’s dedication to sustainability and social responsibility with their Yes Cleanse Intimate Wash. Not only is this a little spa moment, but knowing that the company prioritizes ethical sourcing, human rights and organic ingredients while providing accurate information and supporting customers with care and education, makes me feel like I’m choosing a brand that’s truly mindful of both my well-being and the planet’s.

–Petria Leggo-Field


Easy to use and I loved the rose scented wash. It was gentle to use on sensitive areas. I’m also impressed that the products are 84.9% organic and prioritises conserving energy and resources while eliminating waste by sourcing all of its componentry and raw materials from the UK and EU.

–Katherine Hay


I liked how it was a gentle cleanse without irritating the private area. It’s nice to have a cleanser just for me that I don’t have to share! I also like their body positivity for all women and their insurance for human rights from their suppliers.

–Candice Needham

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