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Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic ingredients. Includes organic avocado oil and aloe vera.
Three Warriors proudly support local business, with their ingredients being sourced from sustainable organic suppliers. The brand has strict training processes with suppliers and manufactures to ensure ethical work practises, including minimal wages, no child labor and proper working conditions.
Three Warriors are always looking at ways to reduce their environmental footprint. The ingredients that they source are created in a sustainable environment, all ferried organic and toxic-free, which means they have minimal impact on the environment. They are currently looking at implementing rice paper packaging.
Three Warriors create local jobs by keeping everything locally manufactured in Australia. The brand has proudly supported Skin cancer Australia and Wello Water, who facilitate life changing water projects. In addition, Three Warriors is currently looking into partnering with Take 3 For The Sea, a charity that supports our oceans.

What our experts say...

What a delight! Three warriors – Tasmanian Sand Scrub is an easy, invigorating, natural exfoliating scrub. With no microplastics and a moisturising finish, it’s a quick and handy way to prep for a tan, or to give yourself a refreshing scrub in shower. I’m a fan. I’m really excited by Three Warriors’ commitment to using sustainably and ethically sourced natural and organic ingredients.

– Niccii Kugler

I really loved this product! The perfect balance of exfoliating without being too harsh. It felt amazing on my skin and I loved feeling so confident that I was using a safe and ethical Aussie product.

– Courtney Dow

This has just the right granule size to provide a thorough exfoliation without being too rough on my hands or too mild that I end up having to use excessive elbow grease. I love that the ingredients are organic and so nourishing – I’m a huge fan of avocado oil. Smelling fresh and tropical with lime and coconut whilst feeling sand on my body definitely puts me in a Summertime frame of mind! An excellent self tan primer.

– Emily Fletcher

This scrub is the perfect consistency and is so easy to apply in the shower. Not too harsh, yet deeply exfoliating, I love that it’s been formulated using sand from Tasmanian beaches. Great for use on the face, too. I appreciate that this product is Australian made using local suppliers. The brand supports some great local initiatives too.

– Emma Freeman

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