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Tirtyl – Tirtyl Laundry Sheets


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients.
Tirtyl doesn't sell any unnecessary/wasteful products, all products are vegan and cruelty free and the brand ensures third-party (SGS) manufacturing inspections including checks for safety, wages, child labour, overtime, health insurance, waste management and environmental impact. They will also be replacing their current tabs (which are made in China) with Australian made tabs and wrappers. The brand celebrates individualism and inclusivity, with a diverse workforce of different ages, backgrounds and genders.
Tirtly embraces sustainability throughout all areas of their business, by using light weight, waterless formulations that reduce carbon emissions, adhering to a slow shipping commitment and encouraging customers to buy in bulk to reduce delivery frequency. Tirtyl is a carbon neutral business. While some emissions throughout the supply chain are unavoidable, they reduce these wherever they can and offset through GreenFleet Australia where they can’t. All of the brand’s products have been ‘made to unwaste’ and utilise compostable or recyclable packaging materials. The brand also runs a 100% green energy office and hires different recycling contractors to ensure it is done properly.
Tirtyl donates a large portion of their profits to Plastic Bank to collect ocean bound plastic and educate locals about waste management. For every Tirtyl Tab or Laundry Sheet they sell, they collect 1 bottle of ocean bound plastic and for every dispenser they sell, they collect 10 bottles of ocean bound plastic. In the first 18 months, Tirtyl has collected over 2 million bottles, with a goal to increase that to 5 million by the end of 2022.

What our experts say...


Zero waste packaging – taking up no room in my laundry. Quick and easy to use. Zero waste, space efficient and concentrated products help to unwaste the planet. Partnership with Plastic Bank helps to remove existing plastic waste. Carbon neutral too. The brand has very clearly put much thought into sustainability aspects of their business. Well done.

–Laura Trotta


I enjoyed that this product was zero waste, lightweight & small yet effective in cleaning power. This was great as I was able to compost the recyclable packaging for repurpose in my garden. I have sensitive skin to traditional laundry detergents, therefore I valued that the ingredients were non toxic and gentle on my skin. I highly value Tirtyl’s mission to produce products and practices that are made to unwaste and remove the unnecessary. In addition, I resonate with their strategy to implement third party auditors and accrediting bodies to health check and solidify the strength and purpose of their supply chain. As a consumer and industry expert this increases my confidence in the brand’s ethical practices which is a top requirement on how I seek to purchase.

–Renee Carpenter


I like its minimal packaging and lightweight alternative to laundry powder. It’s very easy to use and convenient.
The packaging and reduced waste is the main thing that aligns with my values. Collecting waste is also a great initiative.

–Julie Mathers

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"Future generations are banking on us."

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