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Tonik Fusion – Immunity Warrior Cacao Latte


Made from excellent organic ingredients including organic cacao, lion's mane mushroom, chaga, reishi and astragalus.
Tonik Fusion uses all certified organic ingredients. The brand’s international suppliers comply with all relevant laws and regulations and prioritise occupational health and safety of their workers, as well as provide accommodation and food, ensure acceptable working hours and do not support child labour.
Tonik Fusion places great emphasis on where they source their ingredients, believing wild (or semi-wild) and organic is best. The brand’s tins are food-grade, ethically sourced, safe, clean and non-toxic. After use, they can be collected, displayed, refilled around the home or recycled. Inside the latte blend tins are Australian made, home compostable (100% biodegradable) cellophane bags sealed for freshness. The brands branded mailers/boxes are designed using vegetable-based inks and are reusable, biodegradable and recyclable.
Tonik Fusion is partnered with suppliers who practice social responsibility. The brand’s Cacao supplier allows technical visits from school/university students as well as provides information/training in cacao agriculture, from production to processing. They also provide information/training to the relevant producers and training days in the field for the growers to improve their knowledge. Tonik Fusion aims to contribute to the Olivia John Foundation when they are in a financial position to do so (having only launched in January 2021).

What our experts say...

I like the combination of so many active nutritional and functional ingredients within one product that is super simple to use.

– Rebecca Sullivan

Rich in medicinal mushrooms and with an indulgently satisfying full bodied chocolate/cinnamon flavour, this delicious cacao latte has become an increasingly regular part of my morning routine. So much more than a hot chocolate, I love that each of the Certified Organic ingredients have been intentionally chosen and ethically sourced.

– Emily Fletcher

This deliciously warming tonic contains a fusion of powerful ingredients including chaga, reishi and lion’s mane mushrooms, as well as cacao and astragalus. A wonderful alternative to a morning coffee, it’s energising and balancing, while supporting my immune system. I love that the cacao is “farmer to cup” and that the farmers and their community benefit from the sale of this product. I also love the brand’s efforts to be sustainable from the ground up.

– Emma Freeman

As the name suggests, this ‘Cocoa Latte’ looks and smells like a classic, comforting hot chocolate. Upon taking a sip however, you are pleasantly greeted by hints of cinnamon and an earthy aftertaste from the other integral health components, such as mushroom extract and astragalus root. A truly flavoursome and functional product!

– Dominique Scott

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