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Totem Eco – Australian Natural Soap – Macadamia – Manuka


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes manuka and rosalina essential oils, Australian pink clay and macadamia oil.
Totem Eco is 100% Australian owned with all their products made with love right here in Australia. All raw natural materials are sourced locally and the brand researches the origin of all ingredients and questions the practices of their suppliers to ensure the welfare of the planet and all its inhabitants are being considered. Totem Eco does not use any unnecessary fillers in their products and all ingredients are carefully selected and have an active purpose. The brand does not test any of their products on animals, does not use palm oil and sources certified organic ingredients whenever possible.
Totem Eco harvest local rainwater for formulating all of their products and the business is powered by a solar battery system. The brand uses boxes made from 100% recyclable kraft paper and tins made out of 100% recyclable, food grade aluminium. Unlike other tins made with heavier tin or steel, aluminium is lightweight, which also helps to reduce their carbon footprint when shipping products. Totem Eco only uses eco-friendly postal packaging materials, including fully biodegradable mailing satchels partly made from plants (i.e. using corn not fit for consumption). Totem Eco researches the sustainability practices of their ingredient manufacturers to ensure that these align with their beliefs.
Totem Eco promotes inclusion, diversity, mental health and positive body image through their communication and media platforms. The brand actively promotes conservation and brings awareness to the Australian environment wherever they can. By sourcing and purchasing Australian made ingredients they also consciously support the local economy at every level.

What our experts say...


This stylish little bar of soap is incredibly hydrating and leaves my hands feeling soft and moisturised. I love that lightly exfoliating Australian pink clay is part of the formulation, alongside Australian manuka honey and macadamia oil. Wow, this company truly goes above and beyond when it comes to being sustainable from the ground up!

–Emma Freeman


This soap is so rich and creamy! As I rubbed it between my hands under the running water I could feel the Australian Pink Clay and other nourishing ingredients being activated and forming a lovely lather. My skin felt so soft and smooth and the beautiful scent lightly lingered, not at all overpowering. It’s a beautiful soap bar and I love that it came in 100% recyclable packaging and doesn’t contain any nasties. From the minute I started using this lovely handmade soap I could tell how much love had gone into it – literally. I love supporting local businesses and the fact Toby and Katie started the brand together, drawing on their strengths to create a safe and sustainable product that would help so many families, secured a spot in my heart and my routine!

–Marisa Robinson


This zero waste soap has a delicious smell and elegant shape. The hydration is boosted by the macadamia while the manuka is deeply healing. I’m confident in using this for my whole family. I love the priority of Australian ingredients and incorporation of essential oils for a holistic perspective of ‘cleaning’. Bringing connection back to cultural significance of native plants is also educational and important for its users!

–Montana Lower

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