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Totem Eco – Natural Deodorant Stick – Kakadu Rose – 70g


Gold + Editor’s Choice

This product is a luxurious, all-natural deodorant enriched with Australian Native Kakadu Plum Extract. It features smooth rosy floral notes and is free from aluminum, bicarbonate, toxins and palm ingredients. Vegan friendly.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients including Kakadu plum extract, macadamia, jojoba and shea butter.
Totem Eco is an Australian-owned brand that celebrates and promotes the country's unique environment, indigenous history and ethical practices. The brand sources raw natural materials locally and carefully selects ingredients that are vegan-friendly, free from known irritants, preservatives and environmental toxins. By creating eco-friendly, natural and sustainable alternatives to commonly-used products, Totem Eco aims to encourage a more sustainable way of life for both its customers and the planet. The brand is committed to strong ethical standards across all aspects of its business, products and consumer messaging.
Totem Eco prioritises sustainable practices, including net-positive energy production from a solar battery system and the use of locally produced, organic, plant-based ingredients to reduce their carbon footprint. They avoid using palm oil and plastic in their products and packaging and for every natural deodorant sold, they prevent harmful emissions and save water and plastic. Totem Eco also researches their suppliers' sustainability practices to support a cleaner and more sustainable beauty industry. They promote sustainability awareness through their social media platforms.
Totem Eco aims to make a positive impact on society by promoting inclusion, diversity, mental health, positive body image and conservation. They involve their children in discussions about their practices and believe that educating the next generation about environmental and social awareness is crucial for the ongoing care of the planet. They source Australian-made ingredients to support the economy and reduce their carbon footprint and ensure total transparency by providing products that contain healthy and safe ingredients. Totem Eco hopes to make a difference to the health of the planet and to its inhabitants.

Product reviews from our experts…


They’ve managed to take their great formula and make it even nicer to use! It now comes in cardboard push tubes that mean I can apply this product without getting hard-to-wash-off deodorant paste on my fingers first thing in the morning. It goes on smoothly and combats body odor all day without the use of irritating, harsh or harmful ingredients. The addition of clay gives it a slightly moisture-wicking property as well. They also avoid palm oil and happen to be vegan. While the Kakadu Rose scent might not be for everyone, I personally enjoyed it and delight at their Australia-inspired range of scents. For those very sensitive to any scent at all, they offer a fragrance-free option.

Once again, a local supply chain is always a good idea to cut down on carbon emissions and it’s great that they’re still fully solar powered. Their packaging has always been plastic free but it’s even better that they’ve now moved onto biodegradable, compostable paper packaging, which brings them that much closer to a low-to-no-waste product.

–Jessica Teas


I really liked using this product. It smells devine and it was so easy to use. It glides on well, is smooth and doesn’t crumble. Love the packaging and the ingredients. This is also an all round great sustainable company with care for people and the planet!

–Corrine Sultana


Obsessed with the smell of this product, the scent stayed all day and no wet feeling at the end of the day. It also didn’t feel like you needed to reapply. Pretty colours and packaging!

We also love that this is a family business and that they are getting the next generation involved in education and decision making as we think that is very important.

–Kirstie + Sarah

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