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Tripod Coffee offers sustainable and deliciously responsible coffee, connecting the community to nature. The blends are wrapped in a 100% biodegradable, Australian-certified home compostable capsule, aiming to regenerate the earth, not pollute it.

Made from excellent clean ingredients. 100% organic, sustainably sourced coffee from Mexico and India, in a home compostable plant based pod.
Tripod Coffee is an Australian-owned brand whose coffee beans are sourced from the best coffee regions in the world and roasted by local Australian artisans in Sydney. They have recently introduced a new capsule iteration that is 100% bio-based, made with natural materials and primarily made from plant oils and fatty acids. The brand originated in the cricket sheds at Bellerive Oval in Tassie.
Tripod Coffee is addressing the environmental impact of coffee pods by producing a range of compostable capsules. The plant-based capsules can be disposed of in home compost or green bins and have Australian and international certification for compostability. For customers who cannot dispose of the pods in this way, the brand offers a closed-loop scheme called Pod to Plant. Users send pods back to Tripod, which partners with recycling experts to turn them into fertiliser.
Tripod Coffee's social responsibility efforts include donating a percentage of profits to Rainforest Rescue to restore the land of the Daintree Forest, as well as working with Mallow Sustainability to provide a food waste collection service and certified home compostable coffee pods. Rainforest Rescue purchases properties of high conservation value rainforest to protect their biodiversity, while Mallow Sustainability composts coffee pods and reduces the environmental impact of waste disposal for businesses. Tripod Coffee aims to encourage other businesses to prioritise environmental regeneration.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love the coffee is traceable, the packaging is home compostable and this is a solution to traditional coffee pods. The coffee is also great!

I am impressed by every element of the supply chain and the focus on packaging and the sourcing of the coffee. A lot of packaging is recyclable or industrially compostable but this is home compostable.

–Julie Mathers


I love that it’s produced in Australia and is home compostable. The capsules were easy to use and each capsule ‘pierced’ properly (occasionally other pods don’t pierce in the machine and they are wasted). It made me feel good on the whole knowing that I could enjoy a responsibly sourced and packaged coffee and then I could throw the used capsule in my home compost.

I’m really impressed how the product tackles the issue of coffee pod waste, without impacting convenience. Other solutions include reusable stainless pods etc, however users love the convenience of a ready prepared pod. I’d love to see these sold in bulk to businesses to reduce coffee pod waste in office situations.

–Laura Trotta


I don’t use pods myself but pods are not going away!! People love the convenience. We need the tripod coffees of the world to SAVE US FROM COFFEE POD LANDFILL! So I love love this. The coffee had a nice flavour and was easy drinking.

There is a desperate need for an eco alternative like this. So this is my stand out product for this category.

–Amanda Jason

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