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Ujala – SHANTI Nourishing Body Oil


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes organic jojoba, avocado and sweet almond oils.
Ujala are committed to the no-use of micas and petroleum-based colourants. They avoid using animal-tested and synthetic/polymer-based ingredients. They are a vegan brand and are guided by their respect towards life and taking a stand against the industrialisation of other species. Ujala prioritises ingredients, packaging and services sourced and made in Australia over imported goods as a form of doing their part to support the local economy and reduce their carbon footprint.
Ujala aims to be an eco-friendly business by using post-consumer recycled paper packaging; glass bottles and jars instead of plastic; recycled kraft mailing boxes; compostable mailers and paper wrap instead of bubble wrap. In the brand’s production, they adopt zero-waste measures such as avoiding disposable wipes and plastic pipettes, for example. Their packaging and advertising practices generate minimal waste, and they seek to ensure that waste is recyclable or compostable. Ujala’s manufacturing process is hand-based and micro-batched. Their products are hand-mixed and poured and the soaps are manually cut and packed.
Ujala works hard to support the local economy by purchasing from local suppliers instead of buying imported ingredients and partnering up and promoting other local small businesses whose values and principles of sustainability coincide with their own. In addition the brand retail compostable and biodegradable personal-care alternatives on their website as a mode of promoting low-waste swaps that can positively impact our future. They also make an effort to participate in events that promote veganism, zero-waste, holistic lifestyle and environmentalism. Ujala support an animal rescue organisation called Collar Us Rescue donating supplies, money and voluntary work.

What our experts say...

Divine! As it reads on the label, this truly is a bottle of liquid gold – I’m head over heels for the scent, the way the oil disperses and sinks into my skin, and how nourished my skin feels. For days after use, my dry skin feels super soft and hydrated. Love the combination of beautiful oils including clove, frankincense and lavender, infused with real geraniums floating inside the bottle. I’m a fan of the mindful and heartfelt ethos of Ujala and their efforts to be ethical, sustainable and responsible from the ground up.

– Emma Freeman

A warm aroma lifted by a delicate citrus, it smells good and glides onto the skin. The flowers in the bottle are a sweet touch. Avoiding petroleum-based ingredients and micas are good for the environment and the skin.

– Sarah Berry

This body oil has a lovely fresh lemongrass smell that is a nice alternative to sweet-smelling oils. I like that once it has soaked in, I can feel my skin feeling smooth almost instantly. It feels very nourishing. I like that the company is committed to both social responsibility, as well as making the product financially accessible to a range of different people. And I like their zero-waste policy.

– Lucy E Cousins

A beautiful way to infuse self care into my morning. I love the citrusy freshness of this divinely light and highly absorbable oil. I love that it can also be added to my bath, treat my hair and that the incredible lemon myrtle scent stays with me during the day as a light perfume, encouraging clarity and grounding.

– Emily Fletcher

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