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Vahy – Ember Haze



This 50ml Ember Haze perfume is 100% natural, made in Australia. It contains no harmful ingredients and its fragrance is inspired by cozy log cabins and alpine resorts. Smoky woods, amber and vanilla combine to create a rich scent.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients.
Vahy manufactures its products in Melbourne, Australia and follows ethical practices. The brand sources all aspects of their products sustainably and ethically, manufactures in facilities that comply with Australia's workplace and humanitarian laws, donates significantly to charity and selects their supply chain partners carefully.
Vahy prioritises sustainability in all of its operations, including sourcing ingredients from providers with ethical and sustainable certifications, avoiding ingredients with scarcity/sustainability issues and only sourcing sandalwood from farms practicing sustainable planting. The brand also implements a recycling program for its 50ml bottles and uses recycled, plastic-free material for its outer packaging.
Vahy focuses on balance, with the mission of encouraging consumers to make consumption decisions that are good for both the environment and their own bodies. Vahy donates $1 from every sale to three charities focused on protecting the seas, land, and animals. They also make significant donations to charities on specific occasions, such as Earth Day. Additionally, they use female-led and owned businesses throughout their supply chain and manufacture and market their products in Australia, contributing to job growth and investment in the local community.

Product reviews from our experts…


This opulent black bottle is distinctive and makes an incredible first impression. I personally loved the sensual, woody combination of Vanilla, Amber, Cardamon and Patchouli. Versatile, unisex, vegan, cruelty-free and a definite favourite!

I appreciate that they make contributions to sea, land and animal charities as well as earth day contributions. Sustainable planting is great too!

–Neha Hobson


This divine natural perfume exudes a comforting, grounding aura akin to a winter evening by a log fire. Its earthy blend of smoky woods sweetened by notes of vanilla and cinnamon whispers of wild femininity. The scent lingers for hours after application.

I also love that this brand is committed to sourcing ethically and that scarcity and sustainability play a role in which ingredients are sourced.

–Emma Freeman


A fragrance that exudes sophistication and masters balance by being both light and bold, as well as sweet and spicy! I am yet to come across a fragrance by Vahy that I do not love! I also really appreciate that Vahy has a recycling program. This provides individuals with a generous gift voucher when they send back their empty perfume bottle so it can be correctly recycled.

I respect that Vahy donates $1 from every sale to three charities focused on protecting the seas, land and animals.The brand also carefully considers their ingredient sourcing and uses female-led and owned businesses throughout their supply chain.

–Dominique Scott

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