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Valka Yoga – Black Yoga Mat


SILVER + Editor’s Choice

The Black Yoga Mat, made from eco-polyurethane and natural rubber, delivers excellent performance and durability. Its rubber-like grip and smooth texture enhance the yoga experience, while its odour-free composition ensures a pleasant session.

Made from upper: Patented biodegradable eco-polyurethane top. Base: natural rubber.
Valka Yoga uses sustainably and ethically sourced materials for its yoga mats, which are manufactured in China by a Sedex and SGS certified supplier. The brand ensures the implementation of ethical standards by conducting frequent site-visits and ensuring no child labour is used in the supply chain.
Valka Yoga offers plastic-free, sustainably sourced products. The brand uses materials such as cork, natural rubber and biodegradable eco-polyurethane to make their yoga mats. Cork is sourced from Portugal in an environmentally friendly process and all mats are made with natural latex-free rubber. GOTS certified organic cotton is used for all textile products, while Australian-grown buckwheat husk is used for filling meditation cushions and yoga bolsters. The brand partners with Carbon Neutral in Australia to plant a native tree for every order and uses recyclable and compostable packaging for shipping.
Valka Yoga is a woman-owned business that uses only Sedex and SGS certified suppliers. For every yoga mat sold, they plant a native tree in biodiversity hotspots in Australia, Africa and India. The brand frequently donates to charities involved in Ukraine, as well as towards hurricane and flooding relief efforts in New Zealand.

Product reviews from our experts…


This is like the Little Black Dress of yoga mats. It goes with everything, it’s super chic and it works really well. I was surprised by how grippy it was even though it doesn’t have a textured surface. I love the chakra design too – Subtle yet effective! It’s also very cool that they plant a native tree for every order.

–Sigourney Cantelo


Fantastic grip! It feels really soft and unlike other mats I have had in the past doesn’t have that synthetic feel. It had a subtle design which I really liked and was a good size – didn’t seem as small as the others. Plastic free/women owned – love it! It also has a natural feel and I like knowing that it has biodegradable materials!

–Fiona Noonan


Sleek and stylish, this mat is just beautiful! With gorgeous mandala patterns along it, it is the ultimate in yoga chic. Despite being smooth and soft to the touch, this mat is surprisingly grippy and the base provides ample cushioning. I love that this mat is completely biodegradable! I think it definitely makes for a better practice when you are using a product which aligns with your greater values. Highly recommended!

–Emily Fletcher

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