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Valka Yoga – Copper Water Bottle



Stay hydrated the Ayurvedic way with this elegant copper bottle. Crafted from pure antimicrobial copper, it ensures clean water by naturally alkalizing it. Copper is an essential element, serving as a potent antioxidant that aids immunity, promotes skin health and detoxifies.

Made from excellent materials. 99.9% pure copper; silicone seal
Valka Yoga uses only sustainably and ethically sourced materials for their handcrafted copper bottles, made by local artisans in India. The brand conducts frequent site visits to ensure ethical standards and fair practices, including no use of child labour. This supports the local communities and families.
Valka Yoga is committed to sustainability and uses biodegradable and recyclable materials in their products. The yoga mats are made of sustainably sourced cork, natural rubber and biodegradable eco-polyurethane, while organic cotton is used for textile products. Buckwheat husks sourced locally from an NSW farm are used for filling cushions and bolsters, providing a sustainable and waste-reducing alternative. Valka Yoga also works with Carbon Neutral to plant a native tree for every mat order and uses recyclable packaging and compostable mailers only when necessary. They offer carbon neutral shipping throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Valka Yoga is a woman-owned business that uses only Sedex and SGS certified suppliers for their products. They plant a native tree in biodiversity hotspots in Australia, Africa and India for every yoga mat sold. The brand frequently donates to charities involved in Ukraine, as well as towards hurricane and flooding relief efforts in New Zealand.

Product reviews from our experts…


The copper colour and design of the water bottle by Valka Yoga is just divine. The lid has a built-in handle which makes it easy to carry around with you when you’re out and about. I also love that ethically sourced materials are used to create the handcrafted copper bottles.

–Fiona Morouco


The bottle is simple and lightweight with high quality copper. The textured finish on the bottle makes it more long lasting as I have had bottles like this before that become scratched and wear easily. I am impressed by the traceability and the efforts made to check up on the manufacturing of the bottles. Ensuring not only fair trade but artisan quality is also a considerable contribution to protecting culture and livelihood in remote regions.

–Montana Lower


This water bottle looks so exotic and definitely makes a statement! The function of the copper bottle to alkalise water is a convenient way to improve health in our busy modern world.
I am also impressed that the business is women owned and operated and is committed to quality products and carbon neutral shipping.

–Laura Trotta

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