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Vana Wellness – Cooking Protein By Vana Protein – Straight Up Raw!



A 100% Australian plant protein powder made from yellow pea protein isolate and faba bean protein, perfect for cooking, baking, and smoothies. Unflavoured and smooth, it can be added to recipes to increase daily protein intake.

Made from excellent ingredients including Australian yellow pea protein isolate and Australian faba bean protein. Vegan.
Vana Wellness is a brand that is manufactured and packed in Australia using 100% Australian ingredients. The brand's practices focus on supporting Australian farmers first and its packaging is printed and manufactured locally.
Vana is committed to sustainability. Their products are vegan and use sustainable plant proteins, with biodegradable honeycomb packing paper and recycled cardboard boxes for postage. They also use 100% carbon-neutral shipping and are a part of the Noissue Eco-Alliance. The brand uses brown paper tape and banks with Suncorp, which is certified carbon neutral with an environmental policy to better their company in the future.
Vana is committed to community education on nutrition and mental health, recognizing the link between the two. The brand aims to provide quality products to improve individuals' health and has plans to expand its social responsibility efforts.

Product reviews from our experts…


It’s easy to slip into food and make protein pancakes out of. It also has a great serve of protein per serve which is what I’m looking for as a nutritionist. I’m also impressed by their products being vegan and the use of sustainable plant proteins, with biodegradable honeycomb packing paper and recycled cardboard boxes.

–Katherine Hay


This is such a fantastic protein option for those seeking a flavourless protein powder. I have enjoyed adding it to curries, baking, smoothies and sneaking it into my kid’s porridge. I also appreciate that ingredients are sourced locally and that the brand uses carbon-neutral shipping.

–Emma Freeman


An unflavoured, high potency, plant-protein powder that is suitable for cooking and baking – genius! The fine texture and neutral taste of this ‘straight up raw’ blend make it a suitable addition to just about any recipe. Well worth the addition to any pantry!

A local brand supporting local! All Vana Wellness products are manufactured and packed in Australia, with this particular product being made up of 100% Australian ingredients. I also love that they recognize the link between nutrition and mental health and look forward to seeing what social responsibility efforts the brand implements in this area in the future.

–Dominique Scott

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