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Vana Wellness – Vana Latte



Vana Latte is a plant-based protein made from real roasted coffee bean powder, hemp seed, pumpkin seed and yellow pea isolate proteins. It provides a nutritious alternative to morning coffee, making it a healthy and satisfying morning routine option.

Made from excellent ingredients including organic hemp seed, roasted coffee bean powder, yellow pea protein isolate and pumpkin seed protein. Vegan.
Vana Wellness products are made and packaged in Australia, with 65% of the ingredients sourced locally to support Australian farmers. The packaging is also manufactured and printed in Australia.
Vana Wellness focuses on sustainability in their products and packaging. Their products are vegan and made with sustainable plant proteins, and are packaged in biodegradable honeycomb packing paper and recycled cardboard boxes. They also use brown paper tape and have 100% carbon-neutral shipping through the Noissue Eco-Alliance. In addition, Vana Wellness banks with Suncorp, which is certified carbon-neutral with an environmental policy to improve the company's sustainability in the future.
Vana Wellness focuses on community education on nutrition and mental health and aims to provide quality products to assist individuals in maintaining their health. The brand has big plans for its social responsibility efforts as it grows.

Product reviews from our experts…


it’s really tasty and the coffee is not overpowering for a protein powder. I loved how easy it was to use in smoothies or with water. I’m also impressed that their products are made from sustainable plant products with biodegradable packaging.

–Katherine Hay


This protein powder contains some truly incredible superfoods including hemp seed, pumpkin seed and chicory root. The addition of coffee makes it a wonderful alternative to your usual flat white – and it tastes delicious whipped up into a breakfast smoothie. I also appreciate that ingredients are sourced locally and that the brand uses carbon-neutral shipping.

–Emma Freeman


Guilt free, protein packed and plant-based iced Latte anyone? The combination of yellow pea, pumpkin seed and hemp seed ensures this Vana Wellness blend delivers ‘complete’ protein (9 essential amino acids). The roasted coffee bean powder makes for a welcomed energy source and when added to natural coconut yoghurt you have an instant, nutrient packed pudding that will blow you away.

A local brand supporting local! All Vana Wellness products are manufactured and packed in Australia, with some products made up of 100% Australian ingredients. I also love that they recognize the link between nutrition and mental health and look forward to seeing what social responsibility efforts the brand implements in this area in the future.

–Dominique Scott

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